Fanboy Fail Friday! Taylor Schilling! Billy Gets Two Fails With The OITNB Star In One Night!

Oh Fanboy Fails… They are dreaded but funny… At time.

Billy, has a rare recap for a Fanboy Fail involving Orange Is The New Black star Taylor Schilling. Now, it’s tough to get two fails back to back… But if anyone can do it… Billy can.

And that’s just what happened! Doh!

Check out his recap below!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


So I’m at an event that most of the cast of Orange is the New Black was at.  They pretty much kicked everyone out that wasn’t a guest, but somehow they let me stay. 

Because I didn’t want to look like a grapher, I was stuck in photo-op mode which we all know, goes well for me!!!  Well Taylor Shilling told us she would do it on the way out. 

So I wait. 

Now there are other celebs there, but most of them I have multiple photos with.

  When Taylor comes out, even though she didn’t look happy about it, she went down both groups of people taking pictures.  I try and take my first picture….NOTHING….FAIL.  It didn’t even take a picture. 

I don’t know why, but for some reason it seems like my camera needs to warm up.  She moves on, and I beg her for another chance. 

She actually does it, and again NOTHING!!!!…..FAIL!!!! 

I don’t even have a picture to show you as a fail.  Two photo-ops, and not a single one of them took. 

Enjoy the picture of her walking in. 

Taylor Schilling signing autographs for fans orange is the new black  2

I was so mad, I just left.  I didn’t even wait for the other members of the cast to come out.  I walked home with a 5×7 of Tony Hale signed NOT on a The Heat poster, but a picture of me and him. 

tony hale signing autographs for fans orange is the new black  1

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