Fanboy Fail Fridays! Ben Affleck Edition! The Case Of The Movie Star Turned Director Who Couldn’t Figure Out A Way To Get Around A Car To Sign Autographs! Doh!

Awards season, there’s nothing like it! LOL…

Well, there’s nothing like fail after fail after fail! To be honest, the promise of awards season is tantalizing and then in reality… Well, you might have success 45% of the time.

Case in point.. Fanboy Fail Friday! I have to tell you, lately there have been more fails than success which is a tad disheartening at times, but you know for every fail there is an awesome success right around the corner.

Or so I tell myself.

Scotty, Billy Beer and I were out and about and when we heard that Argo director Ben Affleck was going to do a rare q and a appearance at a local theater we had to check it out. Ben Affleck can be hard to get.

Ben Affleck argo q and a marquee rare promo dissing fans  signing autographs rare promo aero theater

I have a Dazed and Confused mini poster and a stack of vintage magazine a mile high for Ben. Sigh… What’s a fanboy to do? Call his friend Scotty, that’s what. Scotty offered to come out and help me, which was super nice.

Anyway, low and behold Liz who did a great job live blogging the SAG Awards for us here at MTF was also on the scene.

So, we all were waiting… Billy Beer was getting a little bored waiting… Sigh… We all saw Ben Affleck go in and sadly they pulled the car right up to the door. Like, a small chipmunk covered in lube couldn’t squeeze though the crack that they left between the car and the building… Sigh..

billy beer waiting for ben affleck to sign autographs for fans mike the fanboy writer rare promo

Then the car had to move because there was an open electrical panel that was going to scratch the crap out of the car. Sigh…

So then the driver moved the car and then he moved it back to where it was before. Lord, come on now. There was even a sign that said, “Fire Lane do not block” where was the car? Blocking the fire lane. Um come on now guys.

ben affleck's town car sitting in the fire lane after a q and a for argo rare signing autographs for fans

It was slap happy time, as we were all getting a little nervous and trying to get rid of the autograph energy. Scotty and I along with Billy and a couple other collectors were actually lined up against the side building. There were only like six or seven of us…

It’s a beautiful night, come on, we were feeling moderately optimistic but honestly we weren’t sure.

ben affleck's town car sitting in the fire lane after a q and a for argo rare signing autographs for fans

Then the door opened. Two paps ran around on the side. They blocked Ben on one side and we called out to Ben, it honestly looked like he tried to get around the car to sign but couldn’t get between the building and the car.

So, instead he jumped in the back of the car and off he went. Doh…


I honestly am going to give Ben Affleck the benefit of the doubt on this fail. I know I’ve had other fails with Ben Affleck but this time I really think he was going to do it, but that fucking driver pulled so close to the car that he couldn’t get around, and the other way were paps.

The thing that sucks is, if the stupid paps would have gone on the other side, they would have gotten so much better footage! He might have come on over and signed which would have been better for them. Duh…


Here’s wishing for fanboy success for all of you and no more Fanboy Fails!

Until next time kids…

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