Fanboy News! Babe Ruth Signed Snowballs? Demi Lovato’s Disastrous Meet and Greet! Trading Autographs For Drugs? And More!

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This week… Babe Ruth was signing Snowballs? Demi Lovato fan hits social media after meet and greet gone bad and… Trading autographs for drugs? ummm stay away from my office then!

Check it out below!

Jordan Spieth once believed Phil Mickelson blew him off for an autograph

autographs can be a divisive issue for athletes. Arnold Palmer believed signing for fans was a responsibility; others treat the exercise like a trip to the proctologist. In the golf world, Phil Mickelson leans towards the former end of the spectrum. But no matter how many Herbie Hancocks he gives to the masses, there will always be a host of fans who miss out and feel slighted. And, at last one of those times, the slighted featured a three-time major champion.


Panini Authentic will also be the lone place to get Saquon Barkley autographed memorabilia.“Fans and collectors almost instantly devoured his first Panini America trading cards on the Panini Instant platform,” said Mark Warsop, Panini America CEO. “That demand is certain to increase throughout his rookie season. Barkley will absolutely be a key driver for our NFL business in 2018.”

Jacobsen: Arnie ‘was such an engaging man’

Peter Jacobsen tells one of his favorite stories of Arnold Palmer signing autographs for golf fans at the Masters Tournament.

Signed Howe jersey, Tragically Hip autograph exchanged for drugs: Calgary Police

Police in Calgary have recovered a number of collectibles including a framed jersey signed by hockey legend Gordie Howe as part of a drug investigation.Investigators arrested a man late last month and say they believe stolen property was exchanged for drugs over a period of nine days.

gordie howe signed autograph puck1

Quick Opinion Service for eBay Autographs Now More Visible

For the last 16 years, PSA/DNA has offered its Quick Opinion Service for autographed items on eBay, but now the process will be easier—and more visible.Collectors who are hesitant about purchasing an autographed item because of forgery concerns can get a PSA/DNA authenticator’s opinion before clicking the “Add to cart,” “Place bid,” “Make Offer” or “Buy It Now” buttons. For a small fee, an authenticator will evaluate the autograph in question and offer a non-binding opinion on whether it’s real.

PSA DNA fake autographs

Rare Photo Shows Babe Ruth Signing A Snowball

Babe Ruth hit the ball farther than anyone in history and was a dominant pitcher early in his career.

His prodigious skills carried over to the autograph world. He surely goes down as the most prolific signer of his era, if of all eras.

INSIDE THE GAME: Whose autographs do you value, and why?

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s always sorta boggled my mind how people would lose their minds, dignity and a substantial portion of their financial resources for the scribbled signature of a person of some kind of renown.

I do admit that at one time, mostly when I was a kid, I sought autographs and I still have a few of them, the ones holding the most value to me personally from Minnie Minoso, Ernie Banks, some of the Minnesota Vikings “Purple People Eaters” from my first NFL game (a remnant obtained outside the venue, Wrigley Field) and one from Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger that came from some very, very dear friends during the most difficult time of my life.

michelle pfeiffer signed autograph catwoman promo poster from Batman returns signed in silver hot sexy rare superhero

Bill Murray visits UT helps dedicate autographed posters

Legendary comedian and actor Bill Murray stopped by the University of Texas campus Saturday.

The funny man we know from classic movies such as Caddyshack and Ghostbusters helped dedicate a collection of autographed posters of dozens of American comics to UT’s Moody College of Communications.

bill Murray Ernie Hudson Sigourney Weaver signed autograph poster PSA

Demi Lovato Fan Reveals ‘Shi*ty’ Meet & Greet Story After Feeling Dismissed By Idol

Mike Peretz, a longtime Demi Lovato fan, details his ‘underwhelming’ $500 meet and greet experience with the singer after he tried to open up to her about his struggles with mental health. He claims Demi ‘blew him off,’ with her ‘sh-ty’ attitude.

Demi Lovato, 25, fans have recently started to complain that her $500 meet and greets have been more than upsetting. After she caught wind of tweets from fans expressing their disappointment in her attitude at the pre-concert sessions, she responded. Lovato took to Twitter to question if she should cancel meet and greets all together. And, one fan doesn’t mind if she does just that after his “underwhelming” encounter with her. Mike Peretz, 21 — who once declared Lovato as his idol before attending a meet and greet with the singer in Chicago on March 9 — tells EXCLUSIVELY that she dismissed him when he expressed his struggles with mental health to her. One of the reasons he idolized Lovato, he reveals, is because she has been so candid about her own issues with mental health, such as bipolar and eating disorders.

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