Fanboy News! Fistfight Over Jared Leto Autograph! Julia Roberts Says Her First Signed Photo Was In The Bathroom! Kate Winslet Points Out Autograph Fakes! And More!

It’s Fanboy News! There’s some interesting things this week. Fans fistfight over Jared Leto autograph, Julia Roberts talks signing autographs in the bathroom… At least she signs somewhere, and Kate Winslet points out fake autographs online as well as Leo DiCaprio fakes as well!

Check it out below!

Julia Roberts reveals fan requested first autograph while she was sitting on the loo

The 48-year-old actress began her career in the late ’80s, with Mystic Pizza marking her first big feature. While she didn’t think she was that famous following its release, one bizarre occasion changed that.”I remember going to visit my mom in Georgia and my mom and my younger sister and I went out to a movie in a mall where I once worked across from the movie theatre, serving snacks and frozen yoghurt, delightfully… and (I remember) after the movie going to the bathroom,” she explained to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, admitting it didn’t sound like a great story when said aloud.

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Autograph collection spans a century of British history

A collection of autographs dating from the 18th century through to the mid-20th century are included in the Charterhouse collectors’ auction on Wednesday 16th December.“It is a fascinating collection which was amassed by the owners grandmother and mother over a number of years,” said Charterhouse valuer George Holtby. “The signatures are either on letters, fragments of letters or envelopes.

british autograph history

Kate Winslet shames autograph fakers

Kate Winslet fears half the copies of her signatures traded online are fakes as she frequently tells autograph-hunters when they have been conned.The “Titanic” actress is often surprised when she is asked to sign a poster from the multi Oscar-winning movie only to discover it is already adorned with a “Leonardo DiCaprio” autograph that is clearly phoney.

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He’s gone Corleone! Godfather star Al Pacino, 75, sprints through the streets of New York after being asked for autograph

It is not every day one sees a man in his seventies sprinting through the street.But that is just what happened after a fan plucked up the courage to ask Al Pacino for an autograph in New York on Sunday.

The Godfather legend clearly had more important things to do, as he decided to charge towards the Broadway theatre where he is appearing instead.


A glimpse inside a 100-year-old POW autograph album

From 1915 to 1920, George Salter collected autographs from the prisoners he oversaw at a British POW camp on the island of Malta. Bound in crumbling green suede, Salter’s album contains roughly 250 signatures as well as pictures, poems and notes in languages such as Arabic, Turkish, German and Greek that display unexpected bonds between captives and their captor. Here’s a glimpse inside:


Two Guys Got Into a Fist-Fight Over a Jared Leto Autograph

As you probably know, Jared Leto is all about Suicide Squad these days, and his anticipated portrayal of the Joker has gotten a lot of people frothing at the mouth. Leto seems pretty obsessed as well, playing his own twisted jokes and getting into character by, you know, sending co-star Margot Robbie live rats. “They’re gonna lock me away in a box after this movie comes out,” he recently cackled. Are you laughing? Are you laughing at what this dark jester, this sad clown has wrought?

Jared Leto as the joker Suicide Squad first cast picture

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