Fanboy News! Gillian Anderson Signs For Fans Using Only Her Mouth! Signed Urinals By Barry Sanders? Cyndi Lauper Fakes Madonna’s Autograph! More!

It’s the fanboy news from around the world!

So many cool stories today, from little kids who love their high school janitor so much they all lined up to get his autograph! Cyndi Lauper faking Madonna’s signature for fans, Gillian Anderson signing for fans using her mouth, and more!

Gillian Anderson had to sign an autograph with her mouth because her hands were filled with gift bags

Props to Gillian Anderson who managed to sign autographs despite being weighed down by gift bags.

The X Files star was on her way out of the Glamour Women of the Year Awards on Tuesday night, with her hands full, when she was asked for a quick signature.

gillian anderson signing an autograph with her mouth

(Picture: Tim McLees/

Who Wants A Pontiac Silverdome Urinal Autographed By Barry Sanders?

Here’s a sound purchase for any Detroit Lions fan: A urinal from the Pontiac Silverdome, autographed by Barry Sanders. With the auction’s opening bid set at a mere $500, it’s an opportunity that can’t be passed up.

An explanation of how Sanders signed the urinal is in the listing’s description. Back in May of 2014, pieces of the Silverdome were auctioned off, and Sanders notified the public that he wouldn’t sign any urinals:

twitter barry sanders

Caitlyn Jenner thanks cosmetic surgeon with autograph

It’s been over a week since Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) debuted her new look on the cover of Vanity Fair. The cover was talked about on many news outlets and the picture went viral on social media, with many congratulating her.

Now the former Olympian-turned-reality star has a lot to be thankful about. Caitlyn recently posed with the cosmetic surgeon who worked on her crucial transformation, Dr. Harrison Lee.


Mr. T takes the time to sign his autograph for all of his fans

Mr. T wanted to make sure that everyone of his fans that waited for him outside of the Huntington Post got his autographs, he had the ladies get his signatures first.

mr t signing autographs

Accommodating Cyndi Lauper Fakes Madonna’s Autograph For Madonna’s Fans

When discussing being mistaken for different celebrities with other celebrities on The Graham Norton Show, Lauper talked about how once in a blue moon, people think she’s Madonna so she just gives them Madonna’s autograph.

The very New Yorky Lauper sounds less British than Madonna and more like your hard-smoking dream karaoke partner, but she gives the people Madonna’s autograph wordlessly so no one knows the difference.

cyndi lauper and mike the fanboy signing autographs for fans meet and greet 2013

Hillary Clinton Didn’t Blow Off Autograph Seeking Voter!

On May 22, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton paid a visit to New Hampshire’s Smuttynose Brewery, and worked a line of voters outside. The visit made almost no news, apart from a second-day story about angry Republicans threatening to chug Really Old Brown Dog and Finestkind IPA no more.

On June 1, the conservative opposition research shop America Rising tweeted a Vine of Clinton interacting with a voter outside Smuttynose. Its clicky summary: “Watch what happens when a @HillaryClinton supporter asks her to sign something.” Anyone who watched the Vine saw Clinton tell a woman to “go to the end of the line” when asked for a signature.

Derby autograph collector pays tribute to pen pal Sir Christopher Lee

A DERBY man who wrote to the late actor Sir Christopher Lee hundreds of times said he was “absolutely gutted” when he heard he had died.

The veteran actor and star of many of the world’s biggest films died aged 93.

The English actor, who made his name playing Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster in the Hammer horror films, appeared in more than 250 movies.

christopher lee

Illinois Second Graders Adore School Janitor, Line Up to Get Yearbooks Autographed

Steve Weidner, a custodian at Alan Shepard Elementary School in Bourbonnais, Illinois, said it made him feel great to see that each and every second grade student lined up near the playground in hopes to have him autograph their yearbooks.

“I get along great with the kids,” Weidner told ABC News. “They are really great. We joke around a bunch and they’re able to talk to me and stuff like that.”


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