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Brandon Phillips Gives Epic Autograph to Heckler

With few fans in the stands, the heckles could be heard loud and clear. That lead Phillips out of the dugout, where he walked over to the irritating fan, offered to take a selfie, and provided him with an autographed baseball.

Of course, it wasn’t your standard autograph.


Autograph book reconnects Oswego resident with Holocaust refugee

“The biggest gift you could give someone for their birthday wasn’t like today’s gifts of electronics and stuff,” Enwright said. “It was a simple 50 cent book. And so I had a new autograph book given to me by my girlfriend, so I always took it with me. So, I had the book with me and I went across the street and started talking to the refugees.”

Credit Gino Geruntino / WRVO

Credit Gino Geruntino / WRVO

Autograph hound John Markulin is on a mission to get all the rock stars in a 600-page book

John Markulin is a rock and roll autograph hound. Once he bought Deanna R. Adams’ 600-page book “Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Connection” he set out to have every rock star and celebrity mentioned in the book sign it. So far, he has 864 autographs. Of those, 59 are Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. Eighteen of the autographs are from rock stars who performed at Woodstock. Author Deanna Adams describes Markulin as “The best P.R. person I never had.” He spoke with Plain Dealer reporter Michael Heaton.

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Man Asks Hillary to Autograph Copy of her Book for “Christopher Stevens”

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