Fanboy News! One Douchebag Says If You’re Over 13 You Shouldn’t Ask For Autographs! Medal Of Honor Recipients Meet And Greet! TIFF Collecter Madness! And More!

It’s Fanboy News from around the world.

First off, there is one douche, the last article on this list, that even I commented on the source article. Such a jackass. Oh my God, someone over the age of 13 collects autographs, heaven forbid.


There are a lot of other fun article though, check them out below!

Medal of Honor recipient autographs are signature moment

Friday at the Medal of Honor Convention, dozens of recipients sat in the Holiday Inn ballroom and signed thousands of autographs.

The two hour signing session had a twinge of celebrity status not normally embraced by recipients who are overwhelmingly humble. However, these military heroes acknowledge autographs are a way to leave a lasting mark on behalf of their fellow troops.

medal of honor winners signing autographs

‘Bachelor’ to sign autographs before Cy-Hawk game

Chris Soules, the next “Bachelor,” will sign autographs before the Cy-Hawk football game this weekend.

The Iowa native and former Bachelorette contestant will be available from 12:30 to 1:15 p.m. in the Krause Family Plaza, at the south end of Kinnick Stadium.

chris soules new bachelor

Autographs from Dayan to Pasternak

The extraordinary collection of autographs gathered by Skibbereen based Michael O’Sullivan in the late 1950s and ’60s, with everyone from Konrad Adenaur to Moshe Dayan, Archbishop Makarios and Boris Pasternak, Field Marshall Montgomery and the Duke of Windsor, Anthony Eden and Clement Attlee, comes up at Whyte’s sale, aptly entitled The Eclectic Collector, in Dublin next Saturday at 11am.


Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick dodge autograph hounds outside Weslodge

Remember when we said that by Tuesday most of the craziest autograph hounds had all but disappeared? Well, maybe they were just resting up for the weekend. Thursday’s party for The Voices at King West hotspot Weslodge saw stars Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick dodging collectors as they left the building. Kendrick managed to escape rather unscathed, but Reynolds, despite politely pausing for fans, even hugging a few, had a group actually race to their car to follow his SUV. Before the chase scene, Reynolds spent his time at the party chatting with Jian Ghomeshi. Kendrick, meanwhile, only had eyes for her new boyfriend, cinematographer Ben Richardson. The two were spotted kissing more than once, and they sat together the entire night.

Ryan Reynolds signing autographs for fans Turbo Barcelona Premiere red carpet snoop dog signing autographs

Hunting for TIFF’s Autograph Hunters

But if you’re Robert Downey Jr., just signing the 15 letters of your name (15 if the period at the end of “Jr.” counts as a letter) creates a collectible that can fetch hundreds of dollars on sites like eBay—more if it’s needlessly matted and framed. At TIFF, collecting these autographs can be serious business, with the barriers around red carpets regularly lined by professional or semi-professional collectors—“dealers,” they’re called—flapping their glossy 8 ½ x 11” photos and flattened-out DVD case sleeves.

crowds at TIFF

Colin Dunlap: Walker Autograph Story Way Overblown

There really is no Neil Walker autograph controversy.

But you can go ahead and get mad. Get mad as hell. The only thing, make sure you get mad at the right people — get mad at those degenerate, weirdo, creepy and unnerving adult autograph seekers that park themselves inside and outside stadiums each day and flood the mailboxes of professional athletes.

BTW.. This guy is a jackass.

neil walker

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