Fast and Furious Star Mr. Paul Walker Signs Autographs And Makes CB A Fan For Life! Like He Wasn’t Already!

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You know, when someone gets to meet a celeb they really love, and I mean REALLY love I can’t even make fun of them. I mean I could… I really could… and I could do it for hours and hours on end… with joy… and glee… but I digress. Today, CB is after his number one, his shining star on top of his Christmas tree, none other than… Wait for it… Paul Walker. Now, taste is something all together subjective, and while I may have a Skulls poster in my arsenal I’m not going to go all apeshit trying to get that one done.

CB on the other hand… Just check out his full article after the jump! Lol…


NANANANANANANAN CB, CB, CB!! Today, I am going for the top, TOP, #1 on my list of autographs I want. He’s my Tom Cruise to Vic, my Kristin Wiig to Big A, and my Tim Curry to Mike. I really wanted the Fast and Furious PAUL WALKER! When I first started collecting last year, I made a list. Paul was #13 of the people I really wanted the most. Through the year, yea, I’ve only been doing this for a year, I got everyone. My list had names including Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, John Travolta, Penelope Cruz, Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Zach Galifanaikis, and Robert Downey Jr. Yet, Paul Walker was on it, and he kept getting bumped up, then eventually, he became my #1. Today, I took a huge gamble to go for Paul Walker, but I enjoying taking risks. He was in town for a rare, and I MEAN RARE, television appearance. I had my fast furious poster, the two DVD covers, my photo Vin Diesel Signed and one hell of a determination to get him. CB was running on nitrous because I had to attend another event right after. I had Erica and Big A wish me luck, because I’ve heard horror stories, and I needed lots of it. TO the CB mobile!

2:30: I get here, and it’s scorching. Luckily for me, Erica gave me sun tan lotion to protect my face. Unfortunately, the lotion also made me look like Casper the friendly ghost…sigh…

(Editor’s Note: The Casper theme should now replace the NANANANANANANANAN’s in the beginning… yep! That’s how I see it. BTW.. I totally have a mental picture of the ghostface… nice! M-)

2:45: Its only me here, oh that’s right, just me.

3: 00: I wait in the scorching, SCORCHING sun, and I see a car roll up, and its Paul Walker. I yell, and I will admit, I yelled so hard Mike heard me

(Editor’s Note: I actually did hear him and it sounded like a desperate, yet sick sea lion in search for it’s cubs who wandered off on the cold icy shore of Antarctica. It’s funny cause it’s true! M-)

and said, “I hear’a dorkus”. He stops his car and says, come over. paul walker hot and sexy skulls star she's all that fast five fast and furious rare photo shoot signed autograph rare promoOMG! He stopped, and OMG he’s nice. I tell him I’m a huge fan of his work and he says, “Thanks for being a fan” and shook my hand! paul walker signed autograph sexy hot rare photo shoot the skulls fast five fast and furious rare meet and greet blonde bicep hot rare promoThe man SHOOK MY HAND!

(Editor’s Note: Now you can’t wash it. it’s only right. I’m just saying… M-)

He signs the stuff, and I tell him, I’ve got 2Fast 2 Furious in my bag, you mind if I get it for you to sign it, and he says go for it. So I run to my bag and take it. He’s so so nice, but he also has the Number 1 movie in the world right now.

I am so so happy, the day couldn’t get any better. Words can’t express how awesome I feel right now. Until next time, same CB hour, same CB channel, same CB Blog, KAPPPOOOOOW!!!!

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