Fanboy Fail Friday! The Black-Ish FYC Panel! Or How Laurence Fishburne Can Bolt Off The Stage In Under Three Seconds!

It’s Fanboy Fail Friday!

This week, well the next couple months really is FYC season, which means the television networks showcase their series and bring the stars to mingle with potential voters and members of the TV Academy.

One event was Black-ish. Now, the series has been doing great in the ratings and last year I had a blast at their event.

This year they did a more traditional FYC event with a screening and a panel followed by a reception.

The panel included:

Anthony Anderson

Tracee Ellis Ross

Yara Shahidi

Miles Brown

Marsai Martin

Jenifer Lewis

Laurence Fishburne

Deon Cole

Jeff Meacham

Peter Mackenzie

Kenya Barris, creator/executive producer

blackish fyc event fanboy fail 11 blackish fyc event fanboy fail 11

The only person I wanted from the event was Laurence Fishburne, who I really wanted on a Matrix poster that I have the rest of the cast on.

The panel was good, and all the other actors really added a lot to the proceedings.

blackish fyc event fanboy fail 11

blackish fyc event fanboy fail 11

Then after the panel we went to the front, and were literally right in front of

Laurence Fishburne. They did some cast photos and Laurence Fishburne looked at us and then bolted down the other side of the stage not looking at anyone.

Scotty and I went outside to see if we could catch him, but he was gone in a flash. BAM!

Bear in mind, the entire cast came out to mingle with everyone at the event. I mean the entire cast sans Laurence Fishburne.

Very disappointing.


Until next time kids…

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