Fanboy Fail Friday! Daryl Hannah Disses Fans Without Even a Wave! I Say Damn… It’s Cold Out There…

Man… This was a brutal Fanboy Fail Friday.


Scotty and I headed out to try and meet Daryl Hannah. Now, it was a small venue and by the looks of it… “This should be easy.” Instead, it was a cluster of epic proportions.


Life shouldn’t be this hard and either should Daryl Hannah.


So, we waited.. and waited and waited… Oh they’re going in the front! No, they’re pulling in the back. Let’s run back to the front! No wait… the back.


Yes, this went on and on and on.


Finally, the car pulled in the back and Daryl Hannah was with Neil Young.


Daryl Hannah wouldn’t look at anyone and stormed in on the way in, Neil Young said hi to us.


Woo hoo…


On the way out… The car pulled right to the side and they both popped in.

Kind of sad really.

What can you do?


Until next time kids…

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