TV Heartbeat! Golden Globes! Shadowhunter debuts! J.Lo plays a cop? Channing Tatum dances!

Awards, red carpets, a few season endings and a lot more beginnings this week on TV!

NBC, Fox and CBS are bringing back new episodes this week. ABC is still flitting the news stuff around so not everything is new yet (eg…tonight’s programming is new, but not Thursday). The CW starts with the new stuff on Friday with Reign.

Awards season is in full swing with the People’s Choice Awards and the Golden Globes this week. The People’s Choice is decided by online voting and the Golden Globes by the Hollywood Foreign Press so the results will likely be quite different between the two! Outlander is attending the Globes and will show at the People’s Choice if they are a winner. (Winners are notified ahead of time to get them to show.)


Monday is the last day for ABC Family! The channel will rename itself Freeform with the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars which starts the season 5 years after the last one.

Pretty Little Liars

Freeform is also the home of Shadowhunters, the new series based on the books by Cassandra Clare. You can read more about adapting Shadowhunters for TV and about the characters in my interviews with the cast and creators. Want to win some Shadowhunters swag? Watch my Twitter account (@Cambear) details on how to win a Shadowhunters backpack, rune tattoos and more!

Shadowhunters 101 (3)

Jennifer Lopez will be playing a cop with perfect makeup in the new NBC drama Shades of Blue. Jane Lynch will continue to host Hollywood Game Night even as she stars in a new sitcom where she plays a rather unusual angel in Angel From Hell.

Hollywood Game Night

Second Chance finally makes its debut after starting out life as Lookinglass and then changing its name to Frankenstein Code. Whatever you want to call it, Rob Kazinsky (True Blood, Pacific Rim, Warcraft) stars as a retired 75 year old sheriff who’s man who’s given a second chance when he’s resurrected into a younger body.

second chance rob 1

ABC has one of the very few network award winners and it’s back for a second season. American Crime features man of the same cast members, but in completely different roles as the story switches focus from race relations to a young boy’s rape. Yes, this is not a feel-good story leftover from the holidays.

American Crime

If you are looking for something lighter, another show is headed into its second season: Lip Sync Battle. It’s a Tatum vs Tatum throwdown as Channing Tatum challenges his Ms. (Jenna Dewan Tatum of Supergirl) to let it go.

Tonight: People’s Choice Awards (CBS), One Chicago crossover concludes (NBC), American Idol final season premiere (Fox), American Crime season premiere (ABC), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season premiere (FXX), Man Seeking woman season premiere (FXX),
Thursday: My Diet is Better than Yours debut (ABC), Beyond the Tank (ABC), Shades of Blue debut (NBC), Angel from Hell debut (CBS), Lip Sync Battle season premiere (Spike)
Saturday: MythBusters final season premiere (Discovery)
Sunday: Shameless season premiere (Showtime), Golden Globe Awards (NBC)
Tuesday: Pretty Little Liars season premiere (Freeform), Shadowhunters debut (Freeform), State of the Union, MADtv 20th Anniversary Reunion (The CW), Younger season premiere (TV Land), Teachers debut (TV Land)
Wednesday: Second Chance debut (Fox), Face/Off season premiere (Syfy), American Horror Story: Hotel season finale (FX)

Stay tuned!

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