Meeting A Living Legend! Mr. Harry Dean Stanton! The Alien Star Is Super Nice! Autographs! Photos! And More!

Harry Dean Stanton is a living legend. The man has been in everything from Alien to Pretty In Pink to Escape From New York to Big Love and even The Avengers!

When I found out that he was doing an appearance for a small indie film, I had to go. I have an Alien and a Escape From New York mini poster I had to get signed. Plus at 88 years young, it’s a rare opportunity to meet a living legend!

Suddenly Susan was going to come with me, but alas she couldn’t at the last minute, but Pinky and Mr. Keith Coogan were heading down.

I arrived a bit early, listen, I would rather be early than late. All I needed to hear was that I missed him going in.

After pacing around for a bit on the cold mean streets of Hollywood, I started to replay Alien in my mind. Or perhaps that was just the several crazy homeless people yelling at me from across the street. Either way, rock on.

Finally, Pinky and Keith arrived and we chatted for a second. I tried to take a picture, but apparently today… Pinky had a no selfie’s rule.

keith coogan no selfies

Cut to five seconds later and there were selfie’s being taken. Shocking I know! 🙂

keith coogan no selfies

Then, Keith was asked to do the carpet for the event and I suddenly inherited a large pink coat and a purse which was draped over my shoulder. Apparently unlike Shelby, “Pink is not my signature color.”

Then, as I’m standing there draped in two shades of blush and bashful… Yep, I looked like I was hosed down with Pepto Bismol. (oh, a day without a Steel Magnolias quote is not really a day is it?)

Then, as I’m flocked in pink, here comes Harry Dean Stanton. I’m frantically calling Pinky, but I didn’t realize this, I had her phone, which was in her purse. Doh!

Two minutes later, out she comes, and we see Harry Dean Stanton standing there smoking. There’s no other way to picture Harry Dean Stanton is there?

We decided to wait and then since he was smoking for so long, decided to approach. Harry was very kind, and posed for a picture with Keith and Pinky.

Harry Dean Stanton fan photo selfie rare

I had him sign my Alien poster, to which he asked which movie this was. He even remembered his character name from each film. Rock on!

Harry Dean Stanton signing autographs 2014 now alien 10

Then he signed my Escape from New York mini poster. We chatted a bit and then got two horrible photo flops! LOL. I’ll post those later. OMG! Hilarious.

Harry Dean Stanton signing autographs 2014 now alien 10

It was such a quick and fun encounter with a living legend!

Until next time kids…

Harry Dean Stanton  signed escape from New York mini poster

Harry Dean Stanton  signed alien mini poster

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