Horns Premiere! Billy Gets Horned Up! Meeting Daniel Radcliffe! Juno Temple! And… Jared Leto? Say Wha? Autographs And More!

It’s random premiere day!

Billy Beer headed out to meet Harry Potter star Mr. Daniel Radcliffe! Plus, Juno Temple, as you might have seen from the earlier Photo Flop article.

Billy and Scotty headed out to the Horns premiere and no one bothered to call this fanboy… I saw Harrumph! Harrumph!!

Sadly, my back is hurt and tweaked out so I really couldn’t do a premiere anyway, so I’m okay with that. God bless them both. And that’s not the painkillers talking. God bless them… God bless us everyone!

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Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Bar Stool.  Note to all writers, MIKE LIKES PICTURES!  Since I broke my camera a few weeks ago, my last two articles haven’t been posted. I’m assuming it’s because I was unable to take photo flops and pictures of my amazing beard.  So now that I finally got a new phone with a new camera, we are back in business!!

Tonight I am making the journey out to LA for the Horns Premiere starring Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple.  Now believe it or not.  While most people were waiting to get their hands on Harry Potter, I was actually more excited to see Juno temple.  She’s usually really nice, and just seems like the cute girl you would want to party with…….and I still needed her on my Sin City 2 poster. 

Scotty and I had been talking all day trying to figure out whether or not this things was happening. 

(Editor’s Note: All day huh? Not a call to Mike, I see how it is. Nice.. NICE! M-)

Nothing was set up for the longest time, but when things were finally official, I jumped in my car and made a 3 1/2 hour long drive (which should have only take 2 hour, fuck LA traffic!) to the event.  I was hoping to have a spot saved, but when you get there 10 minutes before it starts, that’s just dreaming.  I did end up in the second row, so this still could go well. 

After surprisingly waiting for a bit the first arrival showed up, and it was Juno.  My “friend” in the front row was nice enough switch spots with me cause he knew this is who I really wanted.  She went down the line and signed and took pictures with everyone.  I was able to get my poster signed along with an 8×10 and 5×7.  My “friend” also got another item done for me.  Sorry, I like this girl, it’s not like I brought 10 magazines, 3 movie posters, an original oversized VHS box and a press kit.  Who would do that………cough Mike the Fanboy cough…….

(Editor’s Note: I couldn’t have done that, because no one told me about this premiere… uh huh! I may have a mobile for and Counter Standee for Daniel, but VHS come on Billy… Really! M-)

After three tries, I was finally able to get a good picture too! 

Horns movie premiere juno temple daniel radcliffe autographs 1

Horns movie premiere juno temple daniel radcliffe autographs 1

Horns movie premiere juno temple daniel radcliffe autographs 4

Well, that totally made the trip worth it, and we haven’t even see Daniel yet.

Horns movie premiere juno temple daniel radcliffe autographs 4

Finally after waiting a bit longer, Daniel finally shows up.  He too comes right over and starts signing.  Things start to get a little crazy and security is trying to make sure it doesn’t get worse.  They are trying to be strict on one each, but if you had it at his eye level, he more than likely signed it.  I got my first item signed, a Harry Potter image, and then he started going past me to the point of no return. 

Horns movie premiere juno temple daniel radcliffe autographs 4

I yell out “can you get the movie poster!”  I think he was surprised that someone actually had the movie poster and not Harry Potter. 

(Editor’s Note: I’m surprised too.. M-)

He literally pushes other items to the side, and signs it nice and big.  

Horns movie premiere juno temple daniel radcliffe autographs 4

After waiting for him to see if I could get a photo-op before he went into the theatre didn’t work out, it was time to go.  I actually got everything I brought signed on the way in.  I can’t remember the last time that’s happened!!!  Now I needed to go to the ATM to pay my “friend” for pictures he picked up, and get some beer money, cause it’s Happy Hour somewh………WHAT THE FUCK!!!! 

There’s Jared Leto just standing there outside a restaurant.  Now I have a picture in my car for him, but we just ask him for a picture which he was nice enough to do.  What a pleasant surprise!!! 

Jared Leto fan photo signed autograph rare

Well, till next time!

Jared Leto fan photo signed autograph rare

juno temple signed autograph photo

juno temple signed autograph photo

juno temple signed autograph photo

Daniel Radcliffe signed autograph photo

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