It’s Hulkamania! When Chuck Meets The WWE Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan! Autographs! And More!

Now, here’s a throwback. When I was young, I loved and I do mean loved WWF wrestling that was before it was WWE and all that.

I used to love The British Bulldogs and of course Hulk Hogan. My dad even took me to wrestling matching at Cobo in Detroit to see him. Ah memories.

Now, Hulk Hogan is a reality TV star but to me and so many others he’s a wrestling legend.

Chuck, headed out to the great state of Texas to meet the Hulkster himself!

Check out his recap below!

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Hey everyone…this is Chuck from Texas, I don’t get out that much anymore for in person autographs, but when I found out Hulk Hogan himself was coming to Houston, Texas, I freaked out!

See I have been a life long Hulkamaniac, Brother….from the time I was small! I even had Hulk Hogan underoos… LOL!

I have loved wrestling all my life, and have met most everyone, but Hogan was always my number one!

I got to the venue about an hour before he arrived, and when I saw him in person…I was shaking.

I went all fan boy on him and told him how much I had admired him all my life, etc.

He was super cool and signed my stuff, and I got a great photo with him.

hulk hogan fan photo 2015 signing autographs

Easily one of my favorite celeb encounters…EVER!!!!

hulk hogan fan photo 2015 signing autographs

hulk hogan fan photo 2015 signing autographs

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