John Carpenter Goodness! The Legendary Horror Director Makes His Return Trip To Los Angeles Golden Apple Comics! Autographs! And More!

Every year for the past… Oh… Four years? Gosh, has it been that long? John Carpenter has done a signing here in Los Angeles at Golden Apple Comics. It’s always nice and easy and friendly.


It’s a super plus because John Carpenter always agrees to let people get things like posters and memorabilia signed as well. It’s great to get such a legendary director in a low key non rushed situation.

This year John was in an awesome mood and was even nicer than usual.

I didn’t pre-purchase my book right away so I was in the 100 block of the line numbers. Doh. When you pre-purchased the book you got your place in line so that prevented everyone from having to wait in line all day in the sun, which is something I really appreciated.


I brought my Starman mini poster that I already had Karen Allen sign and my Starman oversized VHS box that I had Jeff Bridges sign. I figured that would be nice. I already had John Carpenter on my Big Trouble, Halloween, The Thing and other various pieces so Starman it is. I should have gotten a Christine mini poster but I didn’t. doh!


Anyway, we lined up and I saw Big Mike, Ryan, Dane and a bunch of the usual cohorts. I also bought one of the foil Halloween LP’s they had for sale to get signed as well.

The line went pretty fast and like I said it was very relaxing. Big Mike had a mountain of things to get done so I took his The Fog DVD cover to get done for him. It kills me to get a DVD cover signed, but I’m a kind and generous person, what can I say?

john-carpenter-golden-apple-book-signing-fan-photo-autograph-201615 john-carpenter-golden-apple-book-signing-fan-photo-autograph-201615 john-carpenter-golden-apple-book-signing-fan-photo-autograph-201615 john-carpenter-golden-apple-book-signing-fan-photo-autograph-201615

When it was my time, I just plopped all my stuff down, and John Carpenter was even doing pictures as well. The book was called Tales from a Halloween Night Vol 2 and all the other writers were there as well.


All my stuff came out great and it was a fun afternoon. John was like, “Starman!” I don’t think anyone else had Starman in the line, lol, but I think it’s one of Jeff Bridges best performances of all time.

Until next time kids…

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