John Travolta Madness! Meeting The Acting Icon While He’s Surrounded By A Mob! With Devon Sawa! Autographs and More!

The way people act sometimes, it’s amazing they get anything when they go out… It’s really annoying.

And you would also think that John Travolta was the second coming… I mean what does he sell for… Like fifty bucks? At best?

And yet people can’t control themselves, it’s insane.

So, backing up a little, there was a screening of The Fanatic with John Travolta and Devon Sawa along with director Fred Durst.

Apparently, Fred showed up before I did. Not that I cared, TBH.

I headed over with some friends and we waited.

John popped in and it must have been a random entrance so no one saw him.

I did get Devon Saw which Was really excited about. I’ve been a fan of his for a while and I’ve never met him.

He signed by The Fanatic poster, as well as Idle, Hands, Final destination and Casper. I also got a quick pic.

Devon Sawa with fans signing autographs the fanatic 0006

We waited until the movie was over. Now… When things are lined up and organized it’s better. You get better autographs, it’s calm, people don’t mind signing genraly. It’s better.

I know that people might not be able to flip and get 100, but my God, it’s getter to have quality over quantity. But alas….

So, everyone was lined up and John comes out and says he’ll sign for everyone and go down the line.

The people on the other end couldn’t handle it, and bum rushed the guy. It was chaos. John Travolta was super nice and kept trying to sign and be cool. He autograph, if you could get in there was terrible. At first I wasn’t going to get in, but I had some random prints and I was like, yeah fuck it, I”m going to get a couple random movies signed and not the things I really wanted. I have to Carrie cast pieces I need him on, but I ‘m not going to throw them out there.

People threw shit in John’s face, it was crazy. And he kept on trying to sign. And be nice but it was out of control. Scotty didn’t bother putting his stuff in there because it would have gotten ruined.

I did manage to get a few signed, I’m not complaining about that, but come on, there’s just no need to be insane. It’s autographs people. Chill.

Until next time kids…

John Travolta signed autograph the fanatic poster devon sawa

John Travolta signed autograph the general's daughter poster psa

John Travolta signed autograph michael poster psa

Devon Sawa signed Casper poster psa

Devon Sawa signed Idle Hands  poster psa

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