Billy Starts Working 9 To 5 After Meeting Comedy Legend Lily Tomlin! Selfies! Autographs! And More!

Working 9 to 5, oh what a way to make a living! God bless 9 to 5, one of my favorite films of all time. It’s amazing! So it All Of Me, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, I mean Lily Tomlin is a legend. A legend. I heart her!

Billy headed out to meet the comedy legend and was so impressed with how awesome she is!

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Welcome back to The Great Graphing Outdoors with Billy Beered.  I know what everyone is thinking.  Did Mike mess up and accidentally put Billy’s name on an Ace article?  Isn’t Lily Tomlin a little too old for Billy to be graphing.  This sounds more like an Ace article when he goes to the retirement center because the elderly sometimes don’t return his mail. 

Well, this one just kind of fell in my lap.  She was doing a show about a mile from where I was staying for the weekend, and I know my Step-Mom liked her, so I decided to check it out. 

When I got there, there was nobody else waiting.  I wasn’t expecting a crowd so this was a good start.  I talked to the security guard for a while, and then another fan who went to the show showed up .  Just two of us.  The guard had mentioned that she might be in there a while cause there was a meet and greet after. 

After waiting, she finally comes out.  And let me just say Jane Fonda could learn a few things from her former co-star.  I let the lady go first, she had been practicing what she was going to say to her for the past 30 minutes. 

She too was from Michigan, so she was trying to throw out Michigan references.  When she got to me, she was still in good spirits.  I tell her “All of Me” was a favorite of mine growing up, and told her that my mom loved her work too.  She was sweet and signed both of my pictures and then was nice enough to take a picture with me, which follow with a kiss on the cheek.  She loved the beard! 

lily tomlin signing autographs fan photo rare promo 9 to 5

Well, time to go, there are animals I need to go hunt.  Till next time.

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