Manic Monday! Pinky Becomes One Of The Three Amigos After Meeting Martin Short and Andrea Martin! Oscar Week Goodness!

How can you not love Martin Short? He’s been a comedy legend for years, in films like Father of the Bride, Three Amigos, Mars Attacks and More!

Being from Canada, I’ve loved him from his SCTV days. 

Pinky… She loves him for Ed Grimley! Who remembers that character and the short lived animated series!

Check out Today’s Manic Monday below!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here completely exhausted after a super fun weekend at the New Jersey Horror Con. Unfortunately, due to our being out of town at the show we missed all of the Oscar activities in L.A., but on our way to the airport last week, we were able to check one out pre-Oscar event (just to get my “fix” – LOL). This party had both Martin Short and Andrea Martin on the list – two of my favorites – and I was hoping to at least get a picture with Andrea.

Last year I’d skipped the event and Martin signed autographs (of course when I miss it!), so I was hoping that maybe I could convince him to do a picture with me this year (which he doesn’t usually do).

andrea martin signing autographs with fans

To my surprise and delight, I was able to get a picture with them both (and they even arrived in the same car!).

As soon as they arrived, as Martin was getting out on one side, I went over and got a picture with Andrea.

andrea martin signing autographs with fans

Then, I saw that Martin was taking his time with fans, so I made my way next to him and told him I’d been a fan of his my whole life and how much it would mean to me if we got a picture. And he agreed! Woot! I had to pinch myself were so I was so excited. I LOVED his characters Ed Grimley and Jiminy Glick (and, of course, every other thing he’s ever done). I still can’t believe I got to meet him! Squee! I’d apologize for all of the exclamation marks but I’m still stoked!

martin short with fans signing autographs rare

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