Alan Rickman! James Runs Into Professor Snape Himself In a Fun Random Encounter!

Our friend from the other side of the pond James, had a random encounter… Now, sometimes these are the most fun ever. James had a moment, a random encounter with none other than Galaxy Quest and Harry Potter star Alan Rickman!

Now, I’ve only met Alan Rickman once and he was very kind and more than cordial, I’m so glad that James had such a fun meet with Professor Snape!

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A nice short one from me here! Yesterday (Saturday) I went to see The Merchant of Venice at Shakespeare’s Globe on the Southbank. Afterwards me and my friends Helen and Shirley had a coffee and a catch up in the Globe’s cafe. We hadn’t realised there was a performance going on inside the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at this time, until it was the interval and the audience came out. Who should be in that audience? None other than acting legend Alan Rickman!

alan rickman from Harry potter robin hood prince of thieves galaxy quest signed autograph rare promo hot severus snape

I’m not  usually one for stopping people in their “down” time, but I couldn’t resist this. He was talking to friends so I waited until people were asked to go back to inside, went up to him and politely asked for an autograph. He happily agreed, and signed me one. Wow! I didn’t ask for a photo, I didn’t want to draw attention to him in such a busy place, but I was seriously happy to meet him so randomly.

Alan rickman signed autograph rare signing autographs1

I’m just lucky my friend Helen had a notebook on her, as I didn’t have anything…. I should learn, always carry something to be signed when in town!

Now, if Snape can be so nice, I wonder if Hermione aka Emma Watson will be the same tomorrow evening? Ha, I doubt it somehow (still scarred by a previous bad experience from her).

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