Jordana Brewster! Billy Gets All Fast And Furious After Meeting The Sexy Star! Autograph Goodness!

Billy Beer is back with another Photo Flop… Oh wait… It’s an actual article? He wrote words? I’m… Who? Wha? I’m just as shocked as you are! After heading for the distant lands of San Diego, Billy is back and talking about meeting Dallas star Jordana Brewster!

Personally, she will always be the evil girl from The Faculty to me, but that’s cause I love me some teenage horror movies.

Check out his “recap” below!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Barstool. So while Mike was holding down the fort at The Avengers Premiere HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!









Like Mike the Fanboy was actually at a premiere early enough to hold down spots (Veronica Mars doesn’t count cause that was paid for by Mike the Fanboy)

(Editor’s Note: Wow Billy… Thanks for THAT! M-)

I decide to take a break and head down to see if I can get Jordana Brewster on my Fast 6 movie posters. She was going to be on a talk show, and I had enough time to kill to make it happen.  AND her name has BREW in it!!!!!

When I get down there, there aren’t too many people there. It’s kinda early for the talk show crowd. We take our spots only to be told to move down cause they needed us to fill in space. UGH! Jordana gets there early, but they take her away to do makeup and stuff. She comes back out, but they hide her in a tent. FINALLY Mario arrives, and we can get this interview underway.

They talk a little bit about Dallas, and a little bit about the Fast movies. How both have had untimely deaths to cast members. Then they talk a little bit about her baby. Seriously! This skinny thing popped out a kid? WOW! Bonus for her trainer!

jordana brewster hot sexy signing autographs extra

When she is finished, instead of bringing her to us where we were nice enough to move to, they start her where people weren’t supposed to be standing (lesson learned). She is making her way down to me, but keeps avoiding my poster.

jordana brewster hot sexy signing autographs extra

FINALLY she grabs it and signs it. I don’t even try for another one. They started rushing her, and there were friends next to me that I know wanted her so I didn’t ask for the photograph hoping she would sign a few more which she did. 

jordana brewster hot sexy signing autographs extra

Then she posed for the paps and left. Pretty quick, and pretty simple. I wish I could have gotten more, but I came in knowing this place is usually a one each. Well, time to get back to the Captain America Premiere. Who else is going to hold Fanboy’s spot till he gets there at 5:45 for a 6:00 premiere. Two more hours till Happy Hour! Till next time!

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