Meeting Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Nina Adgal! Lily Aldridge! Chrissy Teigen! Billy Beer Goes To Fanboy Heaven! Autograph Goodness!

Oh dear.. Billy Beer was on a spree… A swimsuit spree!

Yes, there’s few things Billy likes more than Beer but one of those things… models… And then of course supermodels.. and then THREE supermodels! Doh! It was a night made in Billy Beer heaven!

The new Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover models Chrissy Teigen, 
Nina Adgal and Lily Aldridge were doing a talk show appearance and Billy was there with bated breath!

Check out his full recap below!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Bar Stool. I’m back in LA for the holiday 
weekend, and to use lyrics from the SoCal native Ice Cube, “Today was 
a good day!”

We won’t even talk about getting Ryan from True Blood to 
finish my cast piece after 2 years of him avoiding fans (he couldn’t 
have been nicer today!!!!).

ryan kwanten signing autographs

  In fact I almost forgot that Will Arnet was cool as could be coming 
over and signing and taking a picture with me.  (what is wrong with me 
in this picture???)

(Editor’s Note: So many things to say… M-)

will arnet signing autographs

  Why you ask? Cause today I was out to meet the BEAUTIFUL Sports 
Illustrated 50th Edition Swimsuit Issue Cover Models, Chrissy Teigen, 
Nina Adgal and Lily Aldridge.


I’m going to this event not really knowing what to expect. The past 
couple of years when Kate Upton was the cover model, supposedly the SI 
security was pretty strict and she didn’t come over. So today I 
printed off my first 16”x20” photo of the swimsuit issue cover (since 
the issue wasn’t out in stores yet) in hopes to at least get one of 
them to sign it. Time to get this thing started.

Chrissy was the first to arrive. She is probably the most recognizable 
of the group being married to John Legend, and having one of the 
greatest Twitter pages out there (if you don’t follower her, do it 
right now. She is beautiful and funny!) She is already dressed up, and 
waves to us. It’s a good sign, but I wish she would have done it then, 
cause there weren’t a lot of people here yet, and I’m expecting a 
bunch. Plus all the paps were on the other side trying to get better 
pictures of her arriving. Did I mention how amazing she looked?

Lily was next to arrive. We get the same response from her, a 
beautiful smile and a wave. Then all of a sudden we hear on the walkie 
talkie that she’s coming back out to sign!! YES!!!! She makes her way 
down the alley, and greats us with a smile. She tells us she had to 
finish getting ready for us. She kindly signs a few and then signs my 

Lily-Aldridge signing autograph jimmy kimmel live

  DVD Dave was nice enough to help out and get a Terry Richardson 
picture of her signed for me too. Love his work! I then ask for a 
picture, which then of course my camera doesn’t work. Finally a friend 
helps me take the picture cause sorry guys, there is no way I want ANY 
photo flops tonight! Lily couldn’t have been nicer. We all thank her 
and she goes back inside.

Lily-Aldridge signing autograph jimmy kimmel live

The last to arrive was Nina. It was getting close to starting time, so 
I wasn’t really expecting much luck. She walked in and WOW! Tall, 
beautiful, blonde, she gave us a quick look, but she was in a hurry. 
I’m crossing my figures they come back out to sign, but I’m sure they 
have a lot of press to do and might have to catch a flight.


After Will Arnet was nice enough to come over, now we were waiting for 
the ladies. We finally see Nina and Chrissy pop their heads out and 
hide in a little area out of sight. Not a good sign! Finally Lily 
comes out, and when she does, the other girls appear. Then they get in 
and row, hold hands, and make their way towards us.


The only thing I can compare this AMAZING moment to is when “Dream Weaver” is being 
played in Wayne’s World,

wayne's world

and the opening credits to Baywatch




  minus any David Hasselhoff moments.


  I yell to Chrissy “Chrissy Teigen holding something” which is a game 
she was playing with her Twitter followers where they photoshop a 
common picture of Chrissy holding the craziest things. Again follow 
this lady! She let out a laugh immediately.

Chrissy went to my right, and Nina came straight to me.


  Can I just say she is even more beautiful in real life!!! She was 
nice and signed my poster, and then signed for more people.

Nina Agdal signing autographs jimmy kimmel live

Since Lily was already over here, she didn’t have a lot to sign. She took a few 
more pictures with people, and I asked for another cause she had 
changed outfits.

Lily-Aldridge fan photo signing autographs rare

For an SI “Rookie”, she posed like a pro!

Nina finished signing, and I asked for a picture with her next. 
She gladly does,  becoming the second girl now to make me look 
terrible compared to them.

Nina Agdal signing autographs jimmy kimmel live

Seriously they should make a statue of Nina, she’s perfect! And can I just say, I am in love with her smile!

Finally Chrissy makes her way over to me. I tell her how hilarious her 
Twitter feed has been and that my favorite was the Chrissy Teigen 
holding a figure skater, which she replies, have you see the curling 
one yet? OMG this sounds amazing too, and I had not seen it. Chrissy 
finishes up my poster and then gladly poses for a picture with me.

Chrissy-Teigen signing autographs jimmy kimmel live

  SERIOUSLY, could this night have been any better! I feel like it was 
the Billy Beer “Make a Wish” happening.

Well, I’m just going to stand here for a while with a stupid grin that 
won’t leave my face. Thank You Chrissy, Nina and Lily for making this 
guys night (not that you’re going to read this, but who knows). OK, I 
can finally move my feet now, off to the bar, it’s Happy Hour somewhere!


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