Manic Monday! Pinky Says, “Life is more than mere survival” After Swooning Over The Mr. Belvedere Cast! Tracy Wells! Rob Stone! and Brice Beckham!

Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here still a bit tired after our fun (but long!) day at the Hollywood Show this weekend. Of course, it was totally worth it for all of the amazing people we were able to meet. While the list was great, there were a few people I was extra excited to see and three of those were the cast from Mr. Belvedere – Rob Stone, Tracy Wells, and Brice Beckham.


In case you’ve never heard of it, Mr. Belvedere was a show that ran for six seasons beginning in 1985. In fact, as I was searching to confirm the dates, it recommended some other shows that they said were “More like this” and they totally nailed that list!


We watched and loved every show on that list. But, Mr. Belvedere was definitely one of our favorites. Before the Hollywood Show, I’d only met Brice (who’s a friend of Keith’s) and Ilene Graff (who played the mom on the show), so I was super excited to see all the kids from the show together. And, as is a Pinky tradition, I totally put my foot in my mouth (per usual). For whatever reason, when I was talking to Brice, I somehow forgot that I’d gushed to him about Mr. Belvedere before. But, seriously, why would I think that? I’ve never been able to play it cool about ANYTHING, especially if it was a show my family loved. Of course I fangirled out all over him when we first met. So, I’m talking to Brice at the Hollywood Show and I said (all cool, at least in my mind), “Hey, I’m not sure if I told you before, but my family was really into Mr. Belvedere when I was growing up.” He looked at me straight faced and said, “Yeah, you’ve mentioned that.” Face palm!!! Why would I ever think I could keep that a secret?!? Even if it’s a friend of Keith’s, I’d never be able to hold my love and adoration inside. Such a dork! Thankfully, they were all really sweet and kind to us. Such a thrill to meet them!

bryce beckham with fans hollywood show Rob Stone with fans hollywood show Tracy Wells with fans hollywood show Mr Belvedere cast now hollywood show Mr Belvedere cast now hollywood show

Just as a heads up, Keith will be a guest at the Oklahoma City Pop Con March 21st – 22nd and at the New Jersey Horror Con March 27th – 30th. If you’re in either area, please stop by and say hi!

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