New Straw Dogs Individual Movie Posters! Alexander Skarsgard! Kate Bosworth! James Marsden! True Blood! lol…

I just came across these few slices of awesomeness… Okay, well Erica emailed them to me… And they are HOT with a capital HOT! LOL… The posters for Straw Dogs are really pretty rad and I’m hoping that they have a premiere in LA. Anyway, what can I say, I have a soft spot for Alexander Skarsgard… Eric Northman rocks!

Anyway, seeing Alexanders Skarsgard playing a backwoods kinda guy, could be really fun, and the trailer for this movie is pretty damn good… sooo….

It might be one to check out kids. These new individual posters are out, and they are pretty rad. I love the fact that a lot of movies are doing individual artwork for their films. It’s such a great marketing tool.

Straw-Dogs-Alexander-Skarsgard super hot and sexy individual promo movie poster straw dogs eric northman hot sexy gruff muscle

The ones for this movie are really good, in fact I was looking at buying the original the other day, but I held off because I want to judge this movie by itself and then go back and see the original. I know I know all you film guys are going to be like… “What! You haven’t seen Sam Peckinpah’s classic!” It’s on my list! I swear! It really is! lol…

Check out the rest of the Straw Dogs hotness below!
Straw-Dogs-James-Marsden individual promo one sheet movie poster enchanted hairspray rare straw dogs one sheet movie poster hot sexy james marsden hot james marsden shirtless
Straw-Dogs-Kate-Bosworth rare hot and sexy straw dogs promo individual promo one sheet movie poster promo straw dogs hot blue crush laws of attraction

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