Noomi Rapace Goodness! The Prometheus Star Is Super Nice! Signing Autographs and More!

Noomi Rapace. Now, I know a lot of people, well some people will have no idea who Noomi Rapace is. 

But I’ve been wanting to meet her for a long long time. She was in Prometheus and was in the original Girl with a Dragon Tattoo film series. 

Noomi Rapace was doing a q and a for her new film Lamb here in La La Land and I headed out. 

Apparently, I missed her on the way in, Doh! But she left and came back. She signed one for me on the way in, and was very sweet. 

I have two, yes two Prometheus cast posters, cause I’m a crazy person what can I say?

I decided to wait, cause I had the other cast poster and a Girl with a Dragon Tattoo poster for Noomi Rapace to autograph. 

To my delight, she was happy to sign on the way out and I got all my stuff done!  Woo to the hoo! 

Super stoked! Until next time kids!

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