[FINAL UPDATE] NYCC 2017 Signings and Exclusives! Marvel, DC and supporting Puerto Rico!

Looking for information on New York Comic Con (NYCC)’s signings, exclusives and booth activities?  You’ve come to the right place!  This is my annual list of all the crazy that happens each year.  For more information on who’s coming and general NYCC news, be sure to check out my NYCC 2017 schedule highlights!



  • 9/14 – Added pre-show lotteries, more Funkos, Freeform offsite location
  • 9/15 – Added Amazon Prime Video booths, updated information on Sean Gunn and Ryan Hurst, added more Funkos and Sideshow
  • 9/22 – Added booth schedules for Abrams books, Dark Horse, Funimation, updated guest list (no Karen Gillan, but added Billie Piper and Jason Isaacs), added Mark Hamill selfie giveaway, added Fanfest booth activities, parties for FCA and Mr. Robot and exclusives for Cryptozoic, Funimation, final Funkos, Loungefly and Uniqlo
  • 9/27 Added Jason David Frank, signing info for Penguin Random House, Skybound, Simon and Schuster, Tor, added booth information for DC, War for the Planet of the Apes, Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • 10/1 Added signing for RWBY, schedules (with signings) for Chronicle, Quirk, Epic Reads, Penguin Random House, Power Rangers, booths for Westworld, Game of Thrones and Star Trek Disovery booth and store, Schick, Jigsaw virtual reality, added Loot Crate exclusives and updated Lego
  • 10/3 It’s my final update for NYCC 2017! I’ll be traveling so follow me on Twitter (@Cambear) for additional updates. If you see me, don’t be shy and say hi! My final updates include booth news for Marvel, DC, Macmillan (Fierce Reads) and Comixology Also, Keanu Reeves is partnering with NYCC to raise funds to help Puerto Rico. Please click here for more information.



Autographing can be confusing at NYCC since some are for free, some require winning an online lottery, some require tickets on the day of and some require going to the panel. I’ll try to sort through things, but always check to make sure you know the rules for each signing!


Pre-show lottery signings

Some of the most coveted signings are for the big TV shows and movies. NYCC is hosting an online lottery to distribute free tickets to some of these signings so make sure you activate your badge and enter between September 14 to 25. Only enter lotteries for days you are attending the show or your winning ticket is null and void. Signings, panels and exclusives are bunched together with limits on how many you can enter so consider carefully before you select. The signings are listed below so take a look and then click here to enter!

Pre-show lotteries are finished.

In case you’re curious, one of the signings says there will be 100 winners so this gives you an idea of what your odds are…

Thursday (October 5)

  • 11:15 Lore (Group 1)
  • 2:00 Steven Universe (Group 1)
  • 4:00 SuperMansion (Group 2)
  • 6:00 Akira Himekawa (Group 1)

Friday (October 6)

  • 12:30 The Man in the High Castle (Group 2) – Amazon Prime Video actually calls this signing “The World of Philip K. Dick” and describes this as a signing for BOTH The Man in the High Castle and Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams
  • 3:00 Voltron (Group 2)
  • 4:00 Hiro Mashima signing and sketch (Group 1)
  • 4:15 Hey Arnold! (Group 1)
  • 5:30 Final Space (Group 1)
  • 6:30 Akira Himekawa (Group 1)

Saturday (October 7)

  • 12:15 The Tick (Group 2)
  • 12:30 Robot Chicken (Group 2)
  • 1:30 Archer (Group 1)
  • 2:00 Hiro Mashima signing and sketch (Group 2)
  • 3:00 Ash vs Evil Dead (Group 1)
  • 4:00 Jack Ryan (Group 2)
  • 4:15 Let’s Be Heroes! (Group 2)
  • 5:30 The Shannara Chronicles (Group 2)
  • 5:30 Adam Savage (Group 1)
  • 5:30 Todd McFarlane (Group 1)


Booth/post-panel signings

Marvel and most publishers will host signings at their booths, but they all have different rules. Some signings may be free or may require a purchase. They may also be ticketed 15 minutes before the signing or through a lottery first thing in the morning. Make sure you verify their rules to be sure you get in. After many of the book panels, the authors will also assemble for a group signing. Last year, NYCC gave out tickets to those signings to the first people in line for the panel.

  • Abrams books released their list of special guests who will probably be signing. The list also gives an idea of what books they will be promoting. (#2228)
  • [UPDATE] Comixology will create personalized trading cards for fans who visit their booth. Take your picture (or take one with some of the talented comic creators visiting their booth) for a custom card. Check the booth for the schedule of when the comic creators will stop by.
  • Dark Horse posted their busy schedule with nearly non-stop signings. The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars, Frank Miller and Anthony Bourdain signings need no reservations, but you will need a wristband. All other signings are not wristbanded. (#1636)
  • [UPDATE] DC has posted their signing schedule which includes some huge names. Several signings are wristbanded so head to the south side of Javits first thing in the morning to snag one.
  • Epic Reads (aka HarperCollins) will have daily book drops at the booth.
  • Funimation – They will host a signing and sketch with Hiro Mashima of Fairy Tail on Sunday at 10:15 (#542)
  • Loot Crate will offer some signings along with their usual assortment of exclusives. Check out the link in the exclusives section below.
  • [UPDATE] Macmillan (Fierce Reads) has dropped their list of swag and signings.
  • [UPDATE] As usual, the Marvel booth has not released their full schedule (that will probably be tomorrow night), but the TV cast signings and cosplay events have been announced. The signings will be ticked — most likely though a lottery on the morning of the signing so confirm with the booth and make sure you head there first thing!
    • Friday: 10:30 Cosplay photo op
    • Saturday: 11:00 Punisher signing, 12:30 Runaways signing, 5:00 Agents of SHIELD signing, 6:00 Marvel Becoming NYCC Costume Contest
    • Sunday: 10:30 The Gifted signing, 11:30 Kids Costume Event
  • Penguin Random House has their full schedule out and it includes a Lore cast signing, Pierce Brown, Timothy Zahn, Chuck Wendig, Julie Dao, Max Brallier Tochi Onyebuchi, Rachel Hartman, Tamora Pierce and more.
  • If you’re a Power Rangers fan, Tokusatsu Network complied a master list of activities including gaming and signings.
  • Quirk books will host several giveaways signings including Ashley Poston for Geekerella.
  • Simon & Schuster also hasn’t released a schedule yet, but look for signings with Jason Reynolds, Lisa Maxwell, Laurent Lim, Sarvenaz Tash and more.
  • Skybound has several signings with Robert Kirkman so check here for his details and other appearances at their booth
  • Tor/Tor Teen has several signings each day and a couple with VE Schwab over the course of the con. Click here for more details.
  • Viz media will host a signing for RWBY on Friday at 5:30


LEgion panel NYCC 2016 autograph signing


Autograph Hall

Most of these celebrities are here to meet fans all day long. (Peter Capaldi and the American Gods guys will also be doing official things for their studios.) They will be selling autographs and photo ops for somewhere between $40 to $300. Check out the link for more details on their autographing schedule and how to pre-purchase photo ops. Everyone below will be available for all days unless otherwise noted.

  • Yetide Badaki
  • Troy Baker
  • Peter Capaldi (Thursday and Friday)
  • Jim Cummings
  • Jason David Frank
  • Karen Gillan (Saturday and Sunday)  Cancelled
  • Sean Gunn (not Sunday) Cancelled
  • Mark Hamill
  • Ryan Hurst (not Thursday)
  • Jason Isaac
  • Felicity Jones (Friday)
  • Pearl Mackie (Thursday and Friday)
  • Vic Mignogna
  • Nolan North
  • Billie Piper (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Micheal Rooker (not Sunday)
  • Theo Rossi (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Pablo Schreiber
  • William Shatner (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Tara Strong
  • Ricky Whittle


Booth activities/Offsite stuff

  • After dipping their toes in the water with a panel last year, Amazon Prime Video is going all out with panels, signings and 3 booths!

    • Museum of Lore – Based on the popular podcast about real-life spooky stories, the museum will feature occult and supernatural items showcasing the show’s main storylines. Guests will face three mysterious doors with different experiences. (North concourse NC8)
    • The Tick: Dangerboat – Named after Overkill’s sidekick, the Dangerboat will chat up guests as they explore. This boat-shaped booth will have “hidden surprises and giveaways within the ship itself.” Keen! (#154)
    • Echo Escape – To promote Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, this escape room will use voice commands (via Amazon Echo) to solve puzzles and break codes. Top gamers will take the challenge which will be live streamed on Twitch. (#166)
  • Chronicle Books spilled their plans and exclusives which include collectible Star Trek cat patches
  • DC will have a booth in the exhibit hall for the first time in years. (That will feature costumes from Justice League.) They will also keep the space at the south end of Javits for live broadcasting of interviews and such on DC All Access Live (check YouTube and Facebook) and a VR experience. Click here for more details on their booth and panel activities.
  • Fandom Fest will once again have their food truck with interesting eats. The free chow will be a tribute to Rick and Morty, The Walking Dead (ewwww!), Star Wars and Stranger Things, but you need to grab a ticket first thing in the morning. They will also have a gaming den for Future Man and a printing center which will print swag on demand for Wonder Woman, Game of Thrones, Super Mario Brothers and Star Wars (#274)
  • Freeform will have an offsite activation zone  promote Shadowhunters, Beyond the Siren and Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger. (11th and 37th street)
  • Who wants to party at the French Embassy!! (I’m totally serious) The French Comics Association is hosting their annual festival and the kick off party is free and open to the public. They will have wine (of course, zis is French), sketch night with models in costumes and a signing with Valerie Vernay, Patricia Lyfoung, Fabien Nury, Alexis Sentenac, Mahtieu Lauffray and Bruno. (Albertine Bookshop – 972 5th Ave on Thursday at 7 pm)
  • Game of Thrones may be gone until 2019 so how about some retail therapy? The HBO store will bring some merchandise to booth #1764.
  • Jigsaw will mesh the two biggest trends and host a virtual reality escape room. If you win, your reward will include an exclusive IMAX poster, movie swag and a ticket for the film.
  • Mr. Robot is hosting a party! or rather E Corp from Mr. robot is. Looks like they will go all out with food, drink and prizes at this shindig on Thursday. Click here to RSVP.    
  • Schick Hydro is giving fans who play their video game challenge some swag and a chance to win a big mystery box (#768)
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming brought Spidey home to Marvel and now Spidey is back home in NYC and you can visit Spidey’s home too! Sony’s booth will let fans sneak into Peter Parker’s room and crawl the walls (?!?). There’s also a VR experience to fight Vulture and an exclusive Hero Complex poster if you pre-order the DVD/Blu-Ray at the booth (#CP102)
  • Star Trek Discovery has a booth and a store at #1B01 which is located on the basement level.
  • Fox is going ape for War for the Planet of the Apes, with the on-set busts for Caesar and Rocket and two motion capture opportunities! Fans can ride a horse (as an ape) and some fans will get an ape tutorial with Terry Notary (Rocket) and Karin Konoval (Maurice). See booth for more details (#102 on the lobby level)
  • Tor/Tor Teen has several book drops and giveaways including an advance copy of Brandon Sanderson’s Oathbringer so check the link under booth signings for more deets.
  • Wesrworld is coming to NYCC and to avoid the massive long waits at SDCC, they will announce each day’s location to sign up on social media. No idea how much advance notice, but they promise each location will be somewhere near Javits. The offsite location is also not announced. I am still personally scarred from a four hour wait beginning at 5 AM to miss the cutoff 4 people in front of me so this may be a good thing.



NYCC is using the pre-show lottery for several booths including Funko and Lego.

  • Cryptozoic (#244) will be bringing some new figures in their line of DC Bombshells
  • Del Rey books (#2104) will have a special edition of Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View which is a huge anthology of top notch authors writing short stories from the viewpoint of some of the incidental creatures and characters in the Star Wars universe (example: there’s a story about the Death Star’s trash compactor monster). There is a limited amount for sale each day so head to their booth for a wristband.
    • To get a copy pre-signed by some of the authors, these is a ticketed panel ($40) on Saturday at 11 am that includes a chat with some of the authors a copy of the book as well as a tote bag.
  • Funimation (#542) – It’s all things Fairy Tail with a free tote bag with email sign up, and limited edition pins, replicas and posters
  • Funko is always a bit nuts and this year they have 80 exclusives for NYCC attendees who win a lottery ticket. Click on the theme below to see visuals for this laundry list on what they’re bringing:
    • Disney – Swimsuit Scrooge McDuck, Vincent (The Black Hole), Maximilian (The Black Hole), Halloween Goofy (Kingdom Hearts), Halloween Donald (Kingdom Hearts), Flocked Orange Bird (Disney Parks), Abominable Snowman (Disney Parks), Dorbz Ridez Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Mini Kikari: Mickey Mouse Red and Yellow
    • Television – Dolores (Westworld), Stone AAARRRGGGGHHH!!! (Trollhunters), Jim – Red Armor (Trollhunters), Buffy & Faith (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), First Doctor (Doctor Who), Sleestak (Land of the Lost), Enik (Land of the Lost), Dwight burnt face (The Walking Dead), Eleven with Electrodes (Stranger Things), 3 pack action figures for Stranger Things
    • Star Wars – K-2so action pose (Rogue One), Saw Gerrera with hair (Rogue One), Jyn in disguise (Rogue One), Death Star droid (Rogue One), Dengar, Boba Feet with Slave I
    • WWE’s Zack Ryder
    • Game of Thrones – Lyanna Mormont, Jaquen H’Ghar
    • DC – First Appearance Superman, Black Chrome Batman, 8-Bit Blue & Grey Batman, Dorbz: Batman Classic TV Series Villains 3 pack, Action Figure: Batman with Batmobile
    • Video Games – Dig Dug, Lolbit (Friday Night at Freddy’s), Shredder (TMNT), Blue, Purple, Red, White and Yellow Foot Soldiers (TMNT) – sold individually
    • 80’s and 90’s – Green and Black Dragonzord (Power Rangers) sold individually, Glow in the dark Green Ranger (Power Rangers), Sailor V (Sailor Moon), Scary Ickis (Aaahh!!! Real Monsters), Flocked Beast Man (MOTU), Destro (GI Joe), Dorbz Lion-O, Mumm-Ra, Snarf (ThunderCats), Vynl Lion-O, Mumm-Ra (ThunderCats)
    • Warner Bros. – Glow in the Dark Balrog (Lord of the Rings), Speedy Gonzalez, Lippy the Lion, Hardy Har Har (Hanna-Barbera), Dorbz Gravel Slag with Boulder Mobile (Wacky Races), Snape as Neville’s Boggart, Rock Candy Luna with Lion Head (Harry Potter), Gellert Grindelwald (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)
    • Marvel – Grandmaster (Thor: Ragnarok), Casual Hulk (Thor: Ragnarok), Flocked Lockjaw (The Inhumans), Old Man Logan, Dorbz Old Man Logan, James Gunn
    • Korombulous Michael (Rick and Morty)
    • Miscellaneous – Dorbz Lucky (Lucky Charms), Bone Daddy Wacky Wobbler, New York Freddy Funko, Dorbz Freddy Funko,
  • ImaginextAvailable through the pre-show lottery, they have a DC Super Friends Batbot Extreme for sale. I hope you bring a big wallet and suitcase since the figure is 2 feet tall and retails for $250.
  • Lego – Pre-show lottery winners still don’t have official word on what they won the chance to buy. They have announced its a set of 2 BrickHeadz with a Star Wars theme. Rumor has it that one of them is Boba Fett. I guess they’ll find out when they get to the cash register.
  • Loungefly (#1032) will have exclusive bags and purses themed for Stranger Things, Nightmare Before Christmas, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and more. Many are on sale via the website right now so perhaps not all of these NYCC exclusives are exclusive, but they are all really cute.
  • Loot Crate has a few exclusives including Stranger Things. Check out this link for details and for a signing schedule.
  • Sideshow (#1912) will have its usual batch of high-end statues and more
    • Artist extraordinaire Mark Brooks designed a series of Spider-Verse statues which will be unveiled at the show. Check out some of the teaser images.
    •  Want something for free at their booth? bat-signal pin you can earn by visiting 3 of their partner booths and getting their stamps. They will have cards at their booth, but you can also print out the card at home to get a jump on the competition since supplies are limited.
  • Uniqlo – Making their first trip to NYCC, the clothing store will have exclusive Star wars and Spider-Man shirts


Save your pennies now!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Email me at erica@mikethefanboy.com or find me on Twitters as @Cambear where I’ll tweet more frequent updates.

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