OTG John Weighs In On His Molly Ringwald Experience From Her Book Signing At The Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books!

It’s 1980’s week here at Mike The Fanboy. I have to tell you, and I think this goes for everyone here at Mike The Fanboy, I like to read the positive encounters, I like to have the positive encounters, I’m all about positive things…

So, OTG John wrote in with his positive encounter with Molly Ringwald, which I’m happy that he had, although I find it funny that even though OTG even says that he had a few negative encounters BEFORE his positive one. So… I dunno. I keep saying I have to dust off one of my first negative encounters with her that was posted elsewhere which I might do. It’s Molly Ringwald week here at Mike The Fanboy! LOL…

As a nice counter here is OTG Grapher’s photo with Molly at her book signing at the Los Angeles Times Festival of books. Which if I’m not mistaken was the ONLY time during the entire book tour that she signed other things or did photos with fans.

Just saying…


OTG John here……..

One thing that irks me the most about this hobby is when a certain celebrity will ONLY get negative feedback and nothing good is said about them.

molly-ringwald rare promo headshot promo photo from fresh horses rare sexy redhead 1980's icons

With Pinky’s recent Molly diss and that most people seem to agree that Mrs. Ringwald isn’t that nice to fans I have to come to Molly’s defense.

Yes, I have had negative encounters with Molly at various premieres, events and some of her book signings BUT I have also had positive encounters with her. Does she have a “good” twin perhaps? LOL! She wasn’t nice at her Sweet Charity play when it was at the Pantages BUT in Orange County at her play she was nice as could be.

Molly Ringwald from breakfast club press promo photo 1980s john hughes cult classic teen film

Molly has never been a racker but she would always sign one for me walking from the hotel to the venue. No ops but I couldn’t blame her since she wasn’t in makeup yet. And at the Hollywood Book Festival she did sign other items besides the book. Ok we had to talk to her to convince her to do so but once we broke the “ice” she was cool about it. She would do one piece if memorabilia for every book we got signed. The only 3 or 4 fans that were there got smart and had her sign the book twice ( cover and title page ) so we could get two extra items signed for every book we had!!!

Molly ringwald and andrew mccarthy in the horrible film fresh horses 1980's bad movies brat pack films

I do feel whenever someone like Pinky or anyone from MTFB get’s stiffed from someone they really admire. I wish every celebrity was a sweetheart and would sign and pose for photo ops for everyone. But in the real world that can’t be so. Continue to go out and try Molly Pinky. One of these days you will get her. Good Luck!

John with 190's star Molly Ringwald from her book signing at the los angeles times festival of books

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