Photo Flops! Tara Gets To Meet The World’s Sexiest Man Bradley Cooper When Her Camera Fails! Doh! But This Photo Flop Has A Happy Ending!

I’ll tell you, as soon as I said Photo Flops people started sharing their stories… AND I LOVE IT! The awesome Tara, who sadly moved away from Los Angeles some time ago (it was great running into you for a hot second at comic con btw!) , sent in this adorable story about Photo Flopping with Bradley Cooper! That sounds like a news program right? Photo Flopping with Bradley Cooper, next on CNN…

Hopefully, we can get Tara to write in again! I love her story, and I love it when celebrities are super sweet to their fans! Awwww… God bless Bradley Cooper! Lol…

Check out Tara’s report after the jump!


As soon as you said photo flop I immediately though about my multiple attempts to get a picture with Bradley Cooper.

The first time I had an opportunity for a picture with Bradley it was at a premiere and he was being really great about taking pictures and I probably would have gotten a nice photo if I had actually had my camera in the correct mode. I clicked a picture thinking it was in camera mode, but instead it was in playback mode so when I clicked the button it did nothing. By the time I realized what I had done (or not done) he was too far away to get a redo.

So then I went to another premiere at my second attempt at a photo op with Bradley and this time I made sure it was in camera mode first. I snapped a picture, and I was so worried about it being in camera mode I forgot to check the zoom. When I went to check the picture I had just taken it was an extreme close up of just Bradley’s mouth and one of my eyes! Bradley saw this and said “wow that’s close” which made me feel like a dumb ass.

Bradley Cooper posing for a fan photo with Tara at the hangover world premiere hot sexy rare promo signed autograph

By this time Bradley had moved on a little down the line still taking pictures. I was so pissed at myself for messing up my shot yet again I said out loud, “God, I suck at pictures.” Turns out Bradley heard me say this and came back to me saying, “Oh, did you not get it?” He then takes my camera from me and takes an amazing picture with me.

Bradley Cooper posing for a fan photo with Tara at the hangover world premiere hot sexy rare promo signed autograph

I already loved Bradley Cooper and I’m pretty sure my poor camera skills were due to that fact that I was a little over excited to begin with, but this reminded me why I love him so much.

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