Pretty in Pinky! Screams Wayne’s World! Party Time! Excellent! When She Meets Garth Himself Dana Carvey! And Tries To School ME (!) On What Makes a Celebrity! HA!

Oh Pinky! How you love your 1990’s! Pinky headed out to meet Garth himself Mr. Dana Carvey. Now, I’ve never met Dana but I was in love with the Church Lady when I was a kid! I thought he was so frakkin’ funny!

Pinky also attempts to school me on what she considers a celebrity. I can see this is going to go on for a while, lol… And while it’s all in good natured fun, Pinky does have a loose notion of the term “celebrity.” And this is from the guy who waited 10 years to meet Martin Mull!

It’s pretty funny and one of the reason I heart Ms. Pinky! Check out Pinky’s new article below!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here thrilled with my latest SNL encounter. As we all know, I’m a huge SNL enthusiast – especially from back in the day when Dennis Miller did the news and Wayne’s World was a regularly featured skit. SNL was (fine, still is) “must-see” TV for me and I adored every minute (even when it’s bad). Yes, I know it may have seen better days, but I still find it relevant and watch it every week. Don’t judge me.

While there are a variety of characters who’ve warmed my heart over the years (Mr. Subliminal, Opera Man, Hanz & Franz, The Church Lady, Gap Girls, and The Richmeister to name a few), I think my favorite characters would have to be Wayne and Garth. I LOVED Wayne’s World and couldn’t get enough. As you can see in this ancient picture, my dorm room featured Wayne’s World prominently (if you could see the rest of the room, you’d have seen various other SNL characters along the walls, as well) and I’ve always wanted to meet the genius duo behind the characters, Mike Myers (aka Wayne) and Dana Carvey (aka Garth). Last week I finally had my chance to meet one of them, Dana Carvey. Wahoo!

pinky's dorm room adorned with photos of wayne and garth from snl and other photos

Over the years I’ve watched Dana Carvey’s career with excitement. He’s so incredibly talented and is one of the funniest people I’ve ever seen. His stand-up routine is genius and despite taking years off from the limelight, he’s still got what it takes. Last year I attended a stand-up special in Pasadena where Dana was set to perform – unfortunately we missed his set due to heavy traffic and never saw him leave. Last month I went to his stand-up show in Brea, but couldn’t figure out where the stage door was located since the club was in a mall. Finally, last week I drove to Irvine in the hopes to meet him before his Friday night show. While I’d never been to that location or even know when he’d arrive, I had to take a chance. It felt like a long shot after two previously failed attempts, but I was hoping that the third time would be a charm. I had to at least try!

dana-carvey rare saturday night live rare promo dvd cover sleeve hot sexy rare promo

Now, Friday afternoon traffic has never been my friend. Usually I’m driving North from Glendale after work, which is bad enough, but heading South to Irvine was like driving into the gates of Hell. Despite getting off work at four, I still didn’t make it to Irvine (which is about 54 miles away) until well past 6:30. After that I had to find the location, park, and then figure out where the stage door was. It felt futile. Still, I held my ground and finally made my way to the Improv and was pretty sure I’d found the stage door. There were a few cars parked, but I couldn’t tell if they were his. After awhile of playing Draw Something while I waited for any signs of activity, I saw a car go in. Sadly, NOT Dana. Shortly thereafter I noticed another person holding some Wayne’s World paraphernalia walking towards me (as he’d noticed my gazing in to see who was driving the car) and he asked if I were there to try and meet Dana.

amazing_fun_weird_cool_waynegarth_200907240422572620 dana-carvey rare saturday night live rare promo dvd cover sleeve hot sexy rare promo

Hooray! When you’re lost in The Abyss and have no idea where you are or if you’re even in the right place, seeing a fellow fan is like finding water in the Sahara. To my delight, he was a pro at the location and had met tons of performers there. He showed me where they came in, where they exited, and assured me he’d been there since six and hadn’t seen Dana arrive (it was an 8 o’clock show). We felt fairly confident we hadn’t missed him and sure enough, about ten minutes later Dana drove in. I practically squealed out, “There’s Dana!” when I saw him driving, but luckily the only life forms that could understand my high pitch sounds were dogs at that point. Phew. We approached the driveway and someone from the club said, “Just a minute, guys.” Fine. At least he didn’t tell us to leave, right? After Dana hugged the guy and said his hellos, he walked right over to us. I’d just read that his birthday was coming up, so I made him a card. When I told him I brought him a birthday card and asked for a picture, he said, “Sure! After that, of course!” He was SO sweet. I’m always afraid comedians won’t be nice, as they’re known to be rather moody, but Dana was in a fab mood.

pretty in pinky taking a fan photo with saturday night live church lady dana carvey rare promo the master of disguise wayne's world

I told him I’d seen him in Brea and he asked if there was any bit I’d like to see more of at the show. How cool is that? I told him it was all great (which is true) and he thanked me. He was very kind and displayed humility not often seen in someone of that caliber. My new friend also got a picture and some of his DVDs signed and then Dana walked into the club (right by all these people waiting to see the show who didn’t even recognize him). MAJOR SUCCESS!!!! I couldn’t have been more pleased with the experience and our picture turned out great. Totally worth the drive, the stress, and the previously failed attempts to finally meet the one and only Dana Carvey. Now, where can I find Dennis Miller and Mike Myers? Anyone? Anyone?

On a side note, Mikey, in response to your not-appreciated-at-all snide comments about Mark & Brian from KLOS in your Seann William Scott article, I’ll have you know that in addition to being high profile radio personalities in LA for the past 25 years, Mark & Brian have been in movies,

(Editor’s Note: Quick name three movies! Quick! M-)

had a TV show called “The Adventures of Mark & Brian,”

(Editor’s Note: I remember this! It lasted one episode? Maybe two? In 1981? M-)

and have their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

(Editor’s Note: Along with such luminaries as Bambi, Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell. If a fictional character in a Disney film can get a star I guess two guys who look like they would be drinking in my Dad’s basement circa 1972 can get a star. Then I can get a star! And Pinky can get a star! And CB can get a star… That’s pushing it a bit right? M-)

I’m not sure what “qualifies” a person to be a “celebrity” but I can assure you that they’re celebrities to me (so, suck it – LOL – oh, wait. I mean SMOOCHES. Sorry).

(Editor’s Note: Pinky and I tease each other all the time about things like this. Like when Pinky says, “Look that guy was in season 2 episode 7 of Blossom as Danny, Blossom’s friend who said “Hey” once! I need a photo!”

It’s all in good fun! Like when I send out an email with the subject line, “It’s a Tim Curry Emergency!” lol… I still love you Pinkster! Even if you get photos with random old people and pretend they’re famous! M-)

For additional pink fodder, please visit As always, have a pink day!

pinky with so called radio personalities mark and brian from klos radio in los angeles "fan photo" promo

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