Pretty In Pinky! Getting Dissed By Gary Oldman and Showing Huey Lewis The Power Of Fangirl Love!

The talented Ms. Pinky loves her some celebrities! And if her celebs are in the decade of big hair, sweat bands, Juice Newton, neon and the Beverly Ann seasons of Facts of Life all the better! While this is a half fail, Pinky also did manage to eek out a celebrity photo with Huey Lewis but it was an adventure…

Check out Pinky’s Gary Oldman Fail and her Huey Lewis run in after the jump!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here with a bit of a fangirl fail along with a nice surprise. Last week when everyone was getting ready for Comic Con (no, I didn’t go – I’ve never been and have no idea how it all works), I went out to see if I could finally get a picture with Gary Oldman. Now, word on the street is that Gary is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood which is why I’ve gone for my second day in a row to this talk show taping (the day before was the Dreama Walker / Marina and the Diamonds WIN / Pee Wee Herman FAIL day). Usually I’m not a fan of waiting this long for multiple days in a row, but it’s Gary, so it’s worth it. Well, it would’ve been….grumble.
gary oldman from the dark knight rises rare promo press still from the red carpet

As soon as I arrive I’m told I just missed Huey Lewis randomly walking by about ten minutes before I’d arrived. WHAT?!!? Huey Lewis? My head explodes. I LOVED Huey Lewis back in the day (who didn’t?). He’s the one who taught me it was hip to be square even though he wanted a new drug. Wait a minute…those things don’t go together at all now that I think about it. What kind of trickery was he singing to us about?? Everyone said he walked across the street to the hotel and maybe he was still there. I scope it out, but still no sign of him. Bummer. Oh, well. The waiting for Gary commences.
huey lewis rare promo rolling stone magazine cover 1980's icon hip to be square

Now, the day before was a fun day with all my cute boys waiting for Marina and Dreama. We had a blast. It’s days like those that make you feel like you’re not insane for enjoying this hobby so much because essentially you’re just hanging out with like-minded friends and laughing a lot.

mike the fanboy with pinky scotty and chris waiting for celebrity stalking i mean meeting yeah autographs promo rare

Today, however, it’s really hot, I’m not feeling super social, I’m bummed I missed Huey, and I’d rather play Draw Something on my iPad when I’m not trying to finish Fifty Shades of Grey (which is hard to read when I can hear all the chatter around me. One girl in particular is The Most Annoying Girl Alive and I’d do anything to block her out. Seriously, she’s giving Flo from the Progressive commercials a run for her money).

Fun stuff.

Suddenly, people start screaming at me to get up because it’s Huey! Wait, what?!!? Sure enough, Huey Lewis walks by again, and my friends are asking him to stop and take a picture with me because I’m a huge fan and I missed him earlier. I, of course, was sitting down not paying attention, and missed him walking by until he was almost too far away. Apparently, he said he was in a hurry and kept walking, but then stopped down the alley and played on his phone. I try to run out of the line, but the Annoying Girl says, “Don’t step on my stuff!” and doesn’t really give me too much room to pass. As he said he was in a hurry, I don’t want to bother him, but he’s right there! Not doing anything! I chicken out and go back in line (being sure to give Annoying Girl a mean look). Sigh. He’ll have to leave eventually, right?

stop being annoying sign do not annoy others around you
Shortly thereafter Gary Oldman arrives and waves, but no one thinks anything of it, because apparently he usually signs when he leaves the show. Everyone resumes the waiting position and sits back down for the show taping. We now have at least another hour before they come out. Sigh.

Annoying Girl is talking to anyone within earshot about…I don’t even know. I feel like punching her in the face. I was nowhere near her stuff and didn’t appreciate her yelling out at me. Who is she? I’ve never seen her before…or maybe I just didn’t pay attention. Doesn’t matter. Finally, Gary leaves the talk show and….just waves again before he goes to his car. Wait, what now?!!? He didn’t come over? This was all a bust? The nicest guy in Hollywood just stiffed our enormous line of fans? Annoying Girl is saying he pointed to his watch, as if that excuses it, but it doesn’t make me feel any better. Seriously, I’ve seen stars do an entire line in three minutes, so his leaving without any sort of greeting is a huge blow. Ugh. Bummer. Well, at least Huey is still inside. I’m happy to wait for him.
annoying do not be annoying sign rare poster promo nurse hot

After Gary blows us off, pretty much the entire line leaves except for a few people waiting for the other guest (who also stiffs) and me, CB, Billy Beer, Scotty, and Annoying Girl. Actually, Annoying Girl left to go annoy the show security, but then made her way back to drive us even more crazy. I mean, when she starts annoying Scotty, you know there’s a problem because Scotty is the sweetest guy ever. This should tell you how Annoying she is! Even though she got a “picture that can’t be topped” with Huey earlier, she continues to wait with us (why?!!?!?).

annoying do not be annoying sign rare poster promo nurse hot

Scotty and CB finally head out and Billy Beer decides to rally with me and we continue to wait for Huey Lewis to come out. We figure he has to walk back down the alley to his hotel. Annoying Girl tries to hang out with us, but we shine her until she gets a clue (but not before trying to give me tips on how to get a picture with a celebrity. Um, really, lady? You’re trying to school me? Would you like to see my collection?!!?). Actually, I don’t think she ever got the clue, but she probably just ran out of air to talk with. Here’s hoping.
Huey’s manager comes out and said he’s still in there. Billy and I continue to wait at the huge barricade, even though it’s just us left. Finally, security comes over and asks if we’re waiting for Mr. Lewis. We say yes. He said he’ll escort us to the other side where Huey will come out if we promise not to make a scene. What? Um, OK. Whatever. He’s trying to tell the two people STILL STANDING IN A BARRICADE how to act as though we’re not trained monkeys already. Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

billy beer and pretty in pinky waiting for gary oldman at jimmy kimmel from mike the fanboy

We walk down the alley closer to the door and wait it out. Finally, a group of people come out – one groups walks toward us and the other half of the group goes to a different door farther away. Of course Huey is in the group that’s farther away and vanishes behind a fence. Fail! The security officer said he’d take us there, but some man snaps that he won’t. Um, what is happening? Billy asks if I feel like running, that we can catch Huey on the other side, and I figure what the heck. We take off with our stuff, run all the way around the block, and Billy pulls out some makeshift sign for Huey that simply says, “Huey” (when did he have time to make that? I don’t remember seeing that go down). The car pulls out with Huey in the front seat, sunglasses on at 9 p.m. at night (maybe he got confused and thought he was Corey Hart?), and he sees Billy’s sign right as we ask for a picture, but says he has to go (Where is he going? To get a new drug?). We scream out, “But we’ve been waiting for hours!” and that does the trick. The car stops in the middle of the road and he says to hurry. Billy and I ran up to the car and Huey says to go fast, so we do. We both get pictures (even though it’s a dreaded car picture) and get out of the way. Success! It wasn’t really what we set out to do at the beginning of the day, but no matter. We’re stoked. Huey Lewis!
pinky with 1980's star huey lewis after leaving a talk show where he was promoting something fan photo rare promo

Fingers crossed that I’ll see Gary Oldman another time. In the meantime I’m happy to be “stuck with” my Huey picture (see what I did there? Well, if you’re a Huey Lewis & the News fan, you should appreciate it). For additional pink fodder, please visit As always, have a pink day!

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