Pretty In Pinky Hits The MOTHERLOAD Of Celebrity Sightings! Jennifer Garner! Ben Affleck! Sam Trammell! Balthazar Getty! Jason Bateman! Barry Watson! And TONS MORE!

I must admit I’m a tad jealous of this. Ms. Pinky went out and about… She met one of my women, Ms. Jennifer Garner. Oh, how I love Ms. Jennifer Garner! Sigh… Alas, I didn’t get a call. Sadness abounds in the hearts of fanboys… well… Just my heart! LOL…

Still, I think I’ll live. Jennifer and I will live to meet another day. LOL… Pinky got the smorgasbord of celebrities when she headed out to this charity event. And I’ll tell you; sometimes people who don’t do autographs have it easier. If someone they like is there, they can still try for a photo. I would bemoan the fact that I didn’t have my Alias mini poster with me. Daggummit! Wow, I actually wrote Daggummit! LOL…

But without babbling on and on, I’ll let Pinky tell you all about her day with the stars! Check it out after the jump!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here to tell you about a surprising email I received and the wild journey it took me on. You see, about a month ago I received an email detailing a charity event to be held at the end of April. Now, I’m not on any charity committee (that I’m aware of), but I decided to look into this event and see who might be in attendance. A few of the names on the Host Committee were Ben Affleck, Robert Downey, Jr., Tobey Maguire, Sam Trammell, and AnnaSophia Robb, who just happens to be a friend of mine’s #1 girl of the moment. Being on the Host Committee doesn’t always mean they’re going to attend, but you never know. Part of me thought (OK, I know it’s ridiculous, but a girl could dream) that perhaps Sam Trammell had put me on this email distribution list. Yes, I know, I told you I realize it’s ridiculous….but how else would I get it? Although it seemed too good to be true, I told my friend about the event and we made plans to try. The only tricky part was that it was at a residence….so I expected disaster.

The morning of the event came and it was scheduled to go on from one until five. In the meantime, my girl Lindsay from and I had found out about another event (a book launch) nearby which started at 11, so we went there first. I’ll now attempt (in true mikethefanboy style) to detail out the day in timeline form for you (wish me luck!).

11:05 a.m. – We arrive at this private beach club and have no idea what to expect. There’s a weird little red carpet set up in the parking lot, but no one is here. Not one other collector. Not any security either. It feels like a trap.

11:10 a.m. – I’ve got Sammy with me and notice there’s a sign that says no dogs on the property. Crap. Well, I’m going to see if they say anything.

11:12 a.m. – We’ve walked around the area to see the layout and are still confused. During our walk we missed Lisa Edelstein from House arrive. Drat.

11:15 a.m. – We decide to set up camp near the red carpet, but not directly by the valet. Although it might make more sense to be closer to the check-in table, people were walking in from every direction, so there wasn’t one perfect spot. Also, I’m trying to hide my dog.

11:18 a.m. – Peter Berg walks up from behind us. I loved him in the film Late For Dinner and tell him so as we’re taking a picture. Actually what I said was, “I loved you in While You Were Sleeping” (duh!) and he kindly reminded me of the film title. Gah. Luckily he was super nice, despite being with his two sons.

peter berg poses with mike the fanboy's pinky for a nice fan photo battleship director!

11:23 a.m. – I see Balthazar Getty walking up from parking lot and get super excited. I’ve wanted to meet him FOREVER!!! He’s super nice and takes a picture. Stoked! If nothing else happens today, I’m thrilled for the two people I’ve seen. Yay!

balthazar getty poses with mike the fanboy's pinky for a fan photo signed autograph alias brothers and sisters star

11:31 a.m. – Barry Watson shows up with Natasha Gregson Wagner. Natasha is super preggers, so she skips the carpet. Barry does the carpet in about thirty seconds and we scramble to run over and take a picture. By then he was talking to Balthazar, so we had to wait a second. What About Brian used to be one of my fave shows, but I’d never seen him in person before.

11:35 a.m. – As we’re waiting for Barry’s conversation to finish, we see Anna Ortiz arrive with her family. Both of us loved her in Ugly Betty and couldn’t wait to meet her. I’d heard she was really nice, but we had to wait for her to do the carpet. And interviews. And more pictures. And more interviews. Seriously, she took forever to get down the carpet (which was about five feet long). It was torture. When she finally gets to us, though, she’s incredibly cool. Worth the wait.

ugly better star anna ortiz posing for a fan photo with ms pinky hot sexy rare promo devious maids

11:56 a.m. – Security comes over and tells me dogs aren’t allowed. Crap. Luckily it was overcast outside, so I rolled the windows down halfway and put Sammy in the car for a few minutes.

barry watson poses for a fan photo with pinky lovejoy at a charity event hot sexy dazed and confused star the twon rare promo

12:05 p.m. – Jason Bateman arrives with his family. He’s pleasant enough to take pictures with us, but immediately afterwards one of the check-in girls comes over to tell us that they frown upon “too many” fan photos being taken (whatever that means). She says we’re making the celebrities uncomfortable (yes, I’m sure two blonde, happy-go-lucky fangirls who compliment people whose work they admire are terrifying!!!!). I don’t really understand what she’s saying. She doesn’t tell us to leave, but she doesn’t make us feel very welcome either.

jason bateman posing with pretty in pinky from mike the fanboy for a fan photo hot sexy comedy star rare promo hot sexy hogan family star

12:12 p.m. – We move to the back area where there’s a beach and people doing crafts and playing with their kids outside. They can’t keep the public out of this “private” event because it was a public beach. We should’ve started there!

12:14 p.m. – I see Natasha Gregson Wagner walking my way and she takes a picture with me. As I’m doing that, Lindsay is getting a picture with Johnny Knoxville (where did he come from?).

natatasha gregson wagner jason bateman posing with pretty in pinky from mike the fanboy for a fan photo hot sexy comedy star rare promo hot sexy hogan family star

12:20 p.m. – We need to get to the other event and I need to get Sammy, but luckily we’re able to meet Robert Patrick (from Terminator) and Lisa Edelstein before we go.

lisa edelstein posing with pinky lovejoy from mike the fanboy at a charity event hot fan photo rare promo

Hooray! Lisa was on a great show called Relativity a million years ago which we both loved. She seemed happy we were such fans of that show.

robert patrick from terminator 2 and the faculty posing with pinky love joy at a charity event for a fan photo rare promo

1:10 p.m. – We arrive at the charity event thrilled with our earlier success. It’d been a great day so far!

1:15 p.m. – My friend Cody is waiting there already for AnnaSophia Robb. No sign of her yet, but right after we get there we see Eva Amurri Martino. I wasn’t sure how she’d be, but she stopped and took pics with me and Cody before walking inside.

eva amurri martino barry watson poses for a fan photo with pinky lovejoy at a charity event hot sexy dazed and confused star the twon rare promo

1:20 p.m. – We’re literally standing on a street across from a house where the event is being held. There isn’t a barricade and security isn’t telling us to stand in a certain place. It’s refreshing.

1:29 p.m. – Bethany Hamilton arrives. Cody really wants to meet her, but she goes in a different entrance than where we are. When he calls out for a pic, the guy with her says, “After.”

1:45 p.m. – Nathan Kress arrives from iCarly. Cody loses his mind. Nathan signs Cody’s magazines and takes pictures. He’s very cool.

nathan kress from icarly poses for a fan photo with pinky from mike the fanboy rare promo hot sexy disney star

2:18 p.m. – There’s not much going on. Did we miss people? Is this a bust? I sit down on the grass and wait. There’s an awards ceremony (honoring Bethany Hamilton) at four – perhaps people will show up closer to that time?

2:35 p.m. – Sam Trammell arrives with his gorgeous girlfriend, Missy Yager. As he gets out of the car, he looks at me (sitting on the ground) and says, “Pinky, you’re crazy!” I stand up and tell him that I was actually there to support my friend Cody who loves AnnaSophia, although it didn’t hurt that Sam was listed on the Host Committee. His response? “I’m on the Host Committee?” Ouch. Why do I always know way too much information about Sam?!?!

sam trammel poses with sammy rhodes pinky's dog from mike the fanboy and takes a cute fan photo true blood's sam merlotte

He poses with Sammy, takes another picture with me (hey, a girl can never have too many Sam Trammell pictures) and goes into the event. He’s always really sweet to me and great to fans – I just can’t say enough good things about him.

sam trammel poses with sammy rhodes pinky's dog from mike the fanboy and takes a cute fan photo true blood's sam merlotte

3:05 p.m. – People are coming and leaving at odd times. There’s a guy waiting valet who looks exactly like Sugar Ray Leonard. I do a Google image search on my phone and the pics I found look too old to be this guy. I decide it’s not him. Still….it really looks like him.

3:08 p.m. – Holly Robinson Peete comes out and stands with Sugar Ray. Since she’s married to Rodney Peete, I decide this guy must be Rodney Peete (I know, ridiculous). Since Lindsay wants a picture with Holly, we cross the street together. She asks Holly for a picture and I ask Sugar Ray….only, I call him Rodney. That’s right. I called him Rodney. Both he and Holly start cracking up and tell me they’ll be laughing about that all night. Holly tells me to get a picture with “Ray” anyway. Darnit. I knew it was him! I just second guessed myself. Luckily he didn’t hold it against me and took a picture anyway. Phew.

sugar ray leonard posing with pinky from mike the fanboy for a cute fan photo at a charity event

3:38 p.m. – A car drives up and a woman starts getting out of the car. It took us a minute to realize it, but it’s Jennifer Garner! Holy crap. I don’t think there’s any way she’ll do it, but we take a chance and ask. Despite her standing in the middle of the road and cars coming, she motions each of us over and takes a great picture with all three of us. We can’t believe it! I had no idea she’d be there. I’m dying!!!

jennifer garner poses with pinky for a fan photo at a charity event sidney bristow alias 13 going on 30

3:41 p.m. – Before they leave, Sam comes over and gives me a big hug and kiss on the cheek good-bye. Day. Made.

3:46 p.m. – Tobey Maguire arrives and, per usual, ignores the three fans saying he’s “in a hurry.” Every time I see him he says that. It gets annoying.

4:22 p.m. – The event breaks up and Patricia Heaton walks out. She’s always so cool and is happy to take pictures.

patricia heaton from the middle and everybody loves raymond poses for a fan photo with pinky from mike the

4:33 p.m. – Paparazzi have shown up and are clicking up a storm down the street by the distant drive-way. I can’t tell what they’re shooting until I get a better look and then I see: BEN AFFLECK!!! I lose my mind and we start running. Ben Affleck is my #5 celebrity (in a Top Ten world) and I LOVE him. My first two pictures with him are disasters, so I’m determined to get a good picture if it kills me.

4:34 p.m. – We get to his car just as he’s about to drive away and he gets out to take pictures. I get one, then Lindsay, then Cody.

ben affleck poses for a fan photo with pinky lovejoy at a charity event hot sexy dazed and confused star the twon rare promo

I decide I don’t love mine (it was at a weird angle), so I ask for another one and he does it! I’m so happy I want to start skipping, but we’re literally about to get hit by a dozen cars. Security actually holds off the cars for our pictures. SO much nicer than the usual security we deal with (I’m looking at you, SEM).

ben affleck poses for a fan photo with pinky lovejoy at a charity event hot sexy dazed and confused star the twon rare promo

4:41 p.m. – David James Elliott is waiting for his car and he’s too fine not to ask him for a picture. We both already have him, but he’s too hot and nice not to ask. Hello, it’s JAG!

david james elliott poses for a fan photo with pinky lovejoy at a charity event hot sexy dazed and confused star the twon rare promo

4:46 p.m. – Finally, Bethany Hamilton comes out and is incredibly sweet. The guy remembers Cody from earlier and they both thank him for waiting. Bethany Hamilton is who the movie “Soul Surfer” is based on – she’s the one who lost her arm in a shark attack while surfing. She’s so great to all of us, does pictures, signs his magazine, and even gives Cody a treat. So worth it!

bethany hamilton poses for a fan photo with pinky lovejoy at a charity event hot sexy dazed and confused star the twon rare promo

Despite AnnaSophia never making an appearance, I think the day was a HUGE success and I’m still on Cloud Nine whenever I think about it. I went there thinking neither event would be accessible and left with a myriad of new pictures for my collection. Hooray! I guess it’s true what they say – you never know until you try, right?

For additional pink fodder, please visit As always, have a pink day!

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