UPDATED! Pretty In Pinky! Posing The Question Why Is Molly Ringwald So Nasty To Her Fans! Pinky Is Mad And Not Going To Take It Anymore! Grrrrrrrr…

Ohhhhhhh Pinky is maaaad…. I wish there was some way to type vocal inflections. It would make the whole internet change and go insane! lol… Oy!

Anyway, the wonderful Ms. Pinky couldn’t hold herself back any longer… She finally had to say something about the horrible… The nasty… Ms. Molly Ringwald… Ugh… You know, I have encountered her a few times before and each time I’m as polite as can be and ask for a signature… Then Molly looks at me like I farted in her face, a stinky, smelly, wet fart.

Literally, that’s the best way to describe it. (I may be smelling a Fanboy Flashback coming…hmmmmmmmm)

Pinky had a friend who encountered Ms. Molly Ringwald and got the Fart Face from her just like I have, and Pinky has, and Scotty has, and… Well… Everyone who has tried to meet her has. So, Pinky decided to take to the social networks to vent her frustration after a friend of hers was dissed at gay pride.

In a word… Awesome! See… If I could add vocal inflections it would have been something like… AweSOME! But that just looks silly… Doh! Check out Pinky’s report after the jump!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here just laughing at the response I received back on Twitter from Molly Ringwald. You know, THE Molly Ringwald. My icon and hero of life from the iconic films Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, and The Breakfast Club. I’ve been watching her act since she was on The Facts of Life a million years ago and I’m a HUGE fan.

molly ringwald and kim fields in a still from the the facts of life 1979 rare promo press photo cast photo hot rare

I bought her book. I’ve seen everything she’s ever done and the first time I saw her randomly on a beach, I thought it was my best day on earth. Sadly, our encounter was so awful that I ended up in tears. You see, the sad reality is that she’s just not nice to fans. She’s not. Maybe she’s nice to people on-set or in her personal life and that’s all fine and good, but I’ve now seen her on three or four separate occasions and every single time she was awful. And it isn’t just to me – every person I’ve talked to about it has the same story.

16 candles rare promo dvd box art cover press promo still hot sexy molly ringwald anthony michael hall

I’m sure someone could say she’s tired of getting hit up, she’s been famous (I use that term loosely here) her whole life, blah blah blah, but you know what? It doesn’t hurt to be (at the very least) civil. Brad Pitt is on an entirely different plane of fame and he’s amazing to fans. Same with Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, and Tom Cruise. Molly seriously needs to check herself.

Molly_Ringwald rare pretty in pink press promo still hot sexy redhead rare 1980s icon pretty in pink promo still breakfast club

So, I’ve been following her on Twitter lately and noticed that on Twitter she appears to be super nice to fans. I was like, “Huh?” Because this is not the Molly I’ve seen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m (sadly) still a huge fan and would like a picture with her more than almost anything on earth, but I just don’t like how she’s always so mean. It’s not just unkind, it’s downright mean. But, maybe she’d turned a new leaf? Maybe she really was going to be nice? Stranger things have happened.
the breakfast club rare movie poster promo dvd box cover artwork molly ringwald ally sheedy anthony michael hall emilio estevez

What set me off the other day, you ask? Well, Molly was scheduled to be the Grand Marshall of the float in the Hollywood Gay Pride parade. My heart leapt at the news and I envisioned a happy day wherein she hugged me, took a picture with me (for my collection to add with other Brat Packers like Judd Nelson and Anthony Michael Hall – who were both AWESOME to me, by the way), and thanked me for all my loyal years of being a fan (OK, I know it was a lofty dream, but a girl’s gotta dream, right?). I was even going to bring her a bribe, I mean flowers, and really lay it on thick. She HAD to do it at Pride, right? Wrong. My poor little sweet friend trekked down there for the beginning of the parade (I was going to go at the end) and encountered the same awful, nasty, terrible Molly as before. He was the ONLY person asking for an autograph and she said no. In fact, she was SO terrible to him that the EVENT STAFF intervened and begged her to sign and still, she said no. WTF?!?! (apparently she did end up doing it begrudgingly at the very end, but it shouldn’t have been that hard).
pretty in pink rare promo dvd box art promo still movie poster hot sexy 1980's icons andrew mccarthy jon cryer

Later that day Molly retweeted something from WeHo Daily with a picture of her saying “The Goddess Molly Ringwald.” At this point, I couldn’t hold myself back and had to respond with, “A goddess to who? She’s still awful and horrible to her once loyal fans. Sad. She needs to learn how to be nice.” OK. OK. *Maybe* I should’ve held my tongue. Maybe. But I wanted her to know that her actions are noticed.

mike the fanboy writer pretty in pinky tweeting to molly ringwald about how mean and nasty she is to fans

Today I saw that she’d written me back (but I’m guessing it’s ONLY because I copied WeHo Daily on my tweet) with the following, “So sorry you were hurt by something. Xo.” At first I was touched and felt terrible for saying anything, but then I noticed one interesting thing: SHE BLOCKED ME ON TWITTER!!! Which begs the question – WHO IS THAT RESPONDING?!!? Because it’s not Molly. I mean, how sorry could she really be if she blocked me?!!? Hypocrite!

mike the fanboy writer pretty in pinky tweeting to molly ringwald about how mean and nasty she is to fans

Someday I hope she shows up at the Hollywood Show begging people to pay for a picture (which, of course, I’ll do, even if she’s 80 and still mean) and then maybe I’ll finally get my chance to meet her where she’s not making me cry. Until then, I’ll continue to watch the last five minutes of Sixteen Candles (otherwise known as the best five minutes in cinematic history – other than the first five minutes of Shame) and watch Jake Ryan kiss her on a glass table. Swoon.
For additional pink fodder, please visit www.pinkylovejoy.com. As always, have a pink day!

sixteen-candles- rare promo press still with molly ringwald and jake schoefling rare promo hot sexy press still rare


Molly responded on Twitter to a fan of the Pink one! I thought that it would be fun to share with you guys!
molly ringwald responding on twitter about being nasty to her fans at gay pride 2012 in west hollywoodmolly ringwald responding on twitter about being nasty to her fans at gay pride 2012 in west hollywood

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