Pretty In Pinky! Talking About The Art Of The Selfie! The Celebs Who Hate Them! The Celebs Who Tweet Them! And More! A Pinkster Exclusive!

The saucy and sparkalicious Ms. Pinky just did an amazing article about the art of the selfie. Now, what is a selfie you may be asking? A selfie is when you take a photo with someone yourself. Arm outstretched, you just snap away.

I love it! Personally, I’m terrible as selfies but I know that Scotty and the Pinkster have perfected them. I see them all the time snapping away and they come out great.

Me, I ask people to take the photo which always sucks but what can you do. I do have a selfie that Nathan Fillion actually took of him and I… So, is that a reverse selfie? I’ll have to ask Pinky later. LOL…

mike the fanboy wit sexy nathan fillion doing a quick photo opp firefly captain mal rare promo hot sexy

Check out her report about selfies after the jump!



Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here with an observation: “Selfies” are sweeping the nation. According to Urban Dictionary, a “selfie” is defined as: “Pictures taken of oneself while holding the camera at arm’s length.”

selfie gif vintage antique photo rare promo

I’d never heard the term before I went to Sundance this year, but there were a multitude of celebrities who’d say, “Oh, you like to take selfies.” Huh?

How did they all know this term? Lately I’ve heard it being said more and more, so I thought I’d educate the masses on the term. Speaking of celebs, apparently, they’re not all fans of the selfie. In fact, Tony Danza called it “a guerrilla form of picture taking” and insisted that someone else take our picture.

tony danza fan photo signing autographs for fans rare sundance film festival rare

Jason Isaacs also preferred that we pose together and have someone else take it.

jason isaccs fan photo signing autographs for fans rare sundance film festival rare

Octavia Spencer made the observation that if we were all friends, we should pose together instead of doing it individually because “it would be faster.”

octavia spencer fan photo signing autographs for fans rare sundance film festival rare

Um, thanks for the advice, but I prefer my selfie (which, I might add, is usually much quicker than the awkward set up of someone having to take the picture). Always have, always will.

Here’s why: When you pass off your camera to another person, they always have their own agenda and getting a great picture of you and whatever person you’re with isn’t high up on their priority list. If it’s a PR person, they’re in a hurry. If it’s another collector, they just want you to be done so they can get their stuff done. If it’s some random passerby, chances are they don’t even know how to work a camera (I’m kidding of course, but most of the time it feels that way!).

game of thrones meme selfies rare promo jon snow rare hot sexy promo

All I know is that, more often than not, whenever I pass my camera off to another person, my picture isn’t going to be great. I’d much rather take it myself, using my fancy camera that has a screen where I can see the picture being taken (Samsung MV900, pink, thankyouverymuch).

samsung mv800 pink flip camera photo rare hot promo rare

If I screw it up, at least it’s on me. Just look at the pictures with Tony Danza and Jason Isaacs – both are tragedies. Of course, my Octavia one isn’t much better, but that’s on me (and I was probably just thrown off by her subtle suggestion on how I should be taking my pictures).
selfie meme rare promo hot sexy rare ermahgerd selfie

It’s not just collectors or “duck face” girls on Facebook who are employing the selfie lately – even celebs themselves are rocking them. Meryl Streep famously took her own with Hilary Clinton,

Meryl streep and hilary clinton rare selfie rare promo

while both The Biebs

justin bieber hot naked shirtless selfie photo abs muscle rare promo sex nude

and Franco have also tweeted out selfies of their own.

james franco selfie photo rare promo hospital bed hot rare

I’m telling you, selfies are catching on. If you’re not taking them, you’re looking at them or, at the very least, hearing about them. Hopefully now you’ll be a little more educated on what they are.
gene wilder willy wonka selfie photo rare hot sexy promo meme rare

For additional pink fodder, please visit or follow me on Twitter @pinkylovejoy. As always, have a pink day!

gene wilder willy wonka selfie photo rare hot sexy promo meme rare

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