Pretty In Pinky: When Pinky Met Sally… And Harry! AKA Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal!

Oh the Pinkster is out on the town! This time she is giving a wonderful recap of her meeting Mr. Billy Crystal. Personally, I love him in The Princess Bride, and… City Slickers… and yeah, I get why people like When Harry Met Sally, and even though I’m a sucker for a good rom-com chick flick, this one… you know… It just didn’t grab me. I probably need to see it again, yes, fine… Ok.. I will…

LOL, I can feel Pinky mentally beating me…

Anyway, check out the latest Pretty in Pinky! When Pinky Met Sally… And Harry… lol…


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here to discuss what might possibly be the greatest movie in the history of mankind. Now, granted, perhaps it hits a little too close to my heart which is why I have such a deep and abiding love for it. Or, maybe it’s because it stars two of my very favorite actors, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. Regardless of the reason, When Harry Met Sally is my all-time favorite movie. I can quote every single line backwards and forwards. I’ve watched the commentary multiple times just to learn more about the film. I’m such a geek about this movie I’d probably marry it if I could (OK, that went too far. I recognize that. I apologize).

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Several years ago I had the opportunity to meet my #1 girl, Meg Ryan. Now, Meg doesn’t get much love in the fan community because she’s got a bit of a bad reputation. But, I can assure you, she was lovely to me. I don’t know why I was the lucky one, but she was great. Aside from not wanting to pose with my camera close-up where you could see her face on the vari-angle screen, she was fine. And, once I found someone else to take the picture, we were on….well, until she looked away just as the flash went off. But, still. Lovely. I got my crappy, but still recognizable, picture with my fave girl. I didn’t say anything too incriminating or stupid (aside from her being my favorite, which I think is acceptable). I’m happy. I’ll take it.

mike the fanboy's pinky taking a fan photo with meg ryan star of when harry met sally rare promo autographs signed

Last weekend I learned that Billy Crystal was doing a rare Q&A in the area and I jumped at the chance to meet him. I’d like to say that I was totally calm and collected and didn’t geek out in the slightest…but, that would be a lie. I was a total spazz.

when harry met sally rare promo press still meg ryan billy crystal hot car intro dvd release

I’m pretty sure I told him I could quote the entire film to him (while I was shaking, mind you – that’s right, I was shaking like a leaf and probably stuttering, who can be sure). He responded to my spazzing out by telling me to “Take it easy.” BLURGH!. That’s not really how I imagined our big meeting to be. I thought perhaps he’d tell jokes and we’d banter together while quoting lines from the film and laughing hysterically.

when harry met sally rare promo press still meg ryan billy crystal hot car intro dvd release

Perhaps he’d think I was so funny he’d want to grab a coffee and continue our discussion of The Greatest Film Ever Made and then we’d be instant BFFs and he’d get me into the Oscars the next time he hosts it and we’d exchange recipes and Christmas cards….OK, I’m getting carried away here. At best I hoped for a pleasant exchange wherein we took a picture and he signed my DVD and no one left scathed. In reality, I got my picture (which he also didn’t want taken close-up…are him and Megs in some sort of cahoots about this?), he didn’t sign my DVD because he seemed annoyed and I chickened out, and I left feeling a bit dejected.

when harry met sally rare promo press still meg ryan billy crystal hot car intro dvd release dvd cover promo poster

I hate meeting people you love and not having a perfect experience. Yes, the point could be argued that at least he did it. And that’s true. I got my picture with Billy and was able to meet him and for that I’m grateful. I’m also a wee bit let down by the whole experience.
Billy Crystal poses for a fan photo with mike the fanboy columnist pinky lovejoy rare promo hot city slickers when harry met sally signed autograph

Of course, this doesn’t take away from my love for the film in the slightest. If you haven’t seen When Harry Met Sally, please treat yourself and enjoy the comedy gold that is Meg Ryan/Billy Crystal together on-screen. (Yes, I’m talking to you, Mikey. Watch it again. Give it a chance). For additional pink fodder, please visit: As always, have a pink day!
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