Meeting Extras Star Ricky Gervais! Suddenly Susan Heads Out To Meet The Comedian! Autographs! And More!

Suddenly Susan headed out to meet Golden Globes hot and stand up comedian Ricky Gervais. I thought he was great in Extras. I honestly, loved that series. Susan actually saw Ricky Gervais in person at his stand up shows and really wanted to get a photo with him.

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Ricky Gervais is one of those comedians who people either love or loathe. I absolutely adore him. He’s a creative genius in my opinion, and one of the funniest stands up alive today. That being said, I headed to a talk show taping in Hollywood to meet him.

I’ve met Ricky twice before and contrary to what most people would guess he’s always been super nice and very fan friendly. I’ve never gotten a photo with him, so that was goal number one and I was armed with a mini poster from one of his stand-up specials as goal number two.

There must have been a lot going on that night, as I was the ONLY person waiting. Whenever you head out on an autograph adventure, the thought is usually, I hope it’s not crowded. Large numbers can often derail your evening. However, I generally hope for at least a few other people. It feels so odd to me to be the only person, not to mention you’re in charge of everything. You have to be the lookout, the shouter, have the first marker ready and your camera out. The benefit of having at least one other person is that you have a moment or two to prep yourself and some much needed moral support. There is something to be said for strength in numbers.

I arrived thinking Ricky may have gotten to the venue early in order to pre-tape a prepared skit, as he did the last time. I asked a very nice security guard if he knew if Ricky had arrived yet. To my surprise, he told me no, he hadn’t. Yay! Now I just had to wait. About 40 minutes went by and a limo drove up behind me and went right past. This is it! Out pops Ricky!

I yelled his name, not too loud, as I didn’t want to be obnoxious. I motioned the universal sign for ‘would you sign this’ and he said sure, but motioned for me to come down to him. I have to mention that he looked almost defeated, as if to say, ugh, ok, fine but he didn’t really want to do it. I headed down quickly and hoped I wouldn’t be tackled by security.

When I reached Ricky I could see he looked a little haggard, tired, and was unshaven – thus the reason for the less than lackluster invite to come on down. However, when I asked him to personalize the autograph to Susan, he smiled. I told him I had seen both stand up shows here in California and that they were and still remain the funniest things I’ve ever seen. He said, “aww, thanks so much”. Then I asked for a quick photo and he said of course. It’s not bad for a selfie either!

Ricky Gervais signing autographs fan photo sexy fangirl2

I thanked him again and he smiled and said, cheers.

Ricky Gervais signing autographs fan photo sexy fangirl2

As I said, he’s been chattier in the past, but he was still super nice to do that for one person. He’s definitely on the ‘best’ signers list for me. I accomplished both of my goals in 45 minutes flat – I’d call that a complete success.

Ricky Gervais signing autographs fan photo sexy fangirl2

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