San Diego Comic Con 2011 Preview Night! SDCC 2011! Crazy Times!

Sigh, the long trip so Comic Con 2011 is upon me. I did arrive with more than enough time, with friends and The Novel Strumpet in tow. After getting checked in, our badges… and some food we headed into the convention center… Wow… We met up with The Lovely Erica and found out her Camera was jammed… Doh! Ah well… It still works thank God!

Crazy, I have a feeling that this year might be a little bit more… how shall I say…. tough… Every signing is a raffle, and things just seem so much tougher to get into. The convention floor is pretty standard, and here’s some highlights…
the novel strumpet from mike the fanboy trying to fit into my comic con iron bag sdcc 2011

Here’s our resident novel strumpet trying to fit into my Iron Man Comic Con Bag from last year
The san diego comic con 2011 logo in hall h sdcc 2011 rare promo

The Comic Con logo as you walk in…
mike the fanboy at san diego comic con 2011 at the walking dead booth taking a zombie photo
the spartacus booth at san diego comic con 2011 rare promo sdcc 2011 hot sexy rare abs lucy lawless

the spartacus booth at comic con 2011! I Am SPARTA!

the lovely erica and the novel strumpet at comic con 2011 rare hot sexy girls at comic con 2011

The Lovely ERica and the Novel Strumpet at Comic Con 2011!
the weeds season 7 showtime promo bus at san diego comic con 2011 hot sexy mary louise parker

sexy mary louise parker and the Weeds season 7 bus at comic con!

the marvel avengers booth at san diego comic con 2011 sdcc rare hot sexy chris evans rare promo

The Marvel Avengers booth at san diego comic con 2011!

And Finally…
crazy twilight fans camped out at hall H at san diego comic con 2011 rare sweaty gross fans

The crazy fans at hall H waiting in line for Twilight! Keep in mind it’s 3:00 p.m. on a Wednesday!

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