Comic Con News! Marvel Sitting Out Hall H This Year! Will Universal and HBO Follow?

Well, it looks like the WGA and potential SAG strikes will be having their impacts on SDCC.

According to The Wrap, Marvel is sitting out of Hall H. Once a huge presence at San Diego Comic Con, Marvel is taking a break it seems.

Now, all is not lost, Marvel will still BE at Comic Con, they’ll have their booth on the convention floor and they might have some Ballroom 20 panels.

Many of their shows are on pause right now because of the WGA strike, including the Daredevil reboot, Blade, Wonder Man and Thunderbolts. Plus the new Avengers films have been pushed as well.

One this is to note, if SAG strikes, then SDCC will feel a lot of that, with no talent on hand to promote their films, it’ll be a weak year twice in a row. With prices going up and up, for fans who like the celebrities, films, etc.. they might stop and rethink the cost of heading to SDCC for smaller conventions, or ones with paid meet and greet’s etc…

ROME, ITALY – OCTOBER 24: Angelina Jolie attends the red carpet of the movie “Eternals” during the 16th Rome Film Fest 2021 on October 24, 2021 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images for Marvel)

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