Security Screws Over 100 Fans Waiting For Harrison Ford! Elizabeth Olsen Disses! And More!


yesterday, Harrison Ford and Elizabeth Olsen were both on a talk show. I headed out to try and meet Han Solo himself and waited with everyone else.

The line was super long and I’m not going to go on and on about what happened during the day.

Blade runner rare movie poster harrison ford hot decker

What ended up happening is, everyone lined up single file like we were asked to by security, and we all even got lectured about being calm twice.

Shockingly everyone was calm. Everyone was orderly, and lined up accordingly.

Security brought out like five barricades and then went back inside. A couple hours later they brought out a couple more barricades. Now everyone though that it was no big deal since this is the way it was before.

Suddenly, right before Harrison Ford was going to come over, security pulled the barricade over and across the ally. Then the 100 or so people who were orderly rushed over because what else were they going to do?

Harrison Ford Signing Autographs Jimmy Kimmel live 2015 2

As Harrison Ford signed, he got closer to the end with all the people now pushed up against it. They told Harrison Ford he had to stop, Harrison Ford said, “I can finish” and security said, “No, it’s not safe.”

They then pulled the pen from his hand and made him leave after signing for like 35 people.

I just don’t get why it’s impossible for security guards to actually secure anything? I mean, I get that they want to fuck people over, I mean apparently that’s the way it is these days in this hobby which is why I haven’t been going out as much, but this is ridiculous. I mean Lord.

Blade runner rare movie poster harrison ford hot decker

It does not take a lot of mental capacity to put barricades up. It doesn’t take much time or strain. Hell, I can carry the barricades for the security, like if you don’t want to do your job, find another one. It’s pretty simple.

A security company’s job is not to tell the celebrity if they can or can’t sign, it’s their job to make it safe for them to do so. Not create even more chaos then they’re used to. Period.

So, 100 people left with nothing after waiting all day. You can’t blame Harrison Ford. He was being really nice about doing it.

It will never cease to amaze me what people on a power trip will do.

Oh, and Elizabeth Olsen never looked over at anyone and ran off.


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