Get Your Puppet On! Checking Out The Happytime Murders Hollywood Speakeasy, The Inkhole! Puppets! Porn! Oh My!

Los Angeles is a fun place to live near. you just never know what’s going to pop up.

My friend Angie told me about this pop up speak easy based on the new film, The Happytime Murders, which stars Melissa McCarthy. You had to sign up in advance. Not knowing why to expect, I headed down the Scott from The Scott Files to check it out.

I have to tell you, it was pretty epic. There were secret doors, the actors present were all perfectly in character and there were puppet shows everywhere.

Pretty cool.

When you walk in, there’s a secret door and a puppet that tells you a password to get in. One “lucky” person gets picked to get a tattoo done, and then you’re in.

It’s a old fashioned style show, and upon walking in, we’re told the rules and to get our free drink at the bar.

You had two choices of drinks and then you’re free to roam around.

There was blackjack you could play which looked cool.

We opted to get our pic taken with the Rotten Cotton girls, I mean how could we resist?

Then, we got our sugar fix on. We went to a secret backroom to visit our “dealer” and got to pick a bunch of candy from the table and you know that sugar drives the puppets wild!

I of course opted for pop rocks because… hello, they’re awesome!

Scott learned what puppet position he likes best by spinning the wheel.

They we watched a little bit of the puppet show, which is a mix of stand up and cabaret act.

On the way out, you get to walk through the porn store with puppet porn. Moulin Spooge is a near to be classic!

I love stuff like this, it was really fun!

Until next time kids… Check out more pics below!

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