The Leftovers Premiere! Big Apple Elisa Heads Out To Meet The Cast Of The New HBO Series!

I’m so excited! We haven’t heard from Big Apple Elisa in a long long time! She headed down to the premiere of The Leftovers and met some awesome people!

The Leftovers is a new series on HBO that premiere’s after True Blood on June 29th.

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Recently, I read an intriguing book by Tom Perrotta on which an HBO series was to be based. I absolutely loved it. It made me even more pumped for The Leftovers! I’ll admit, initially, I was most excited that Christopher Eccleston, whom I adore, was cast as a regular because, well, I freaking love that man. But I’m thrilled that I enjoyed the novel!

The premise, suddenly on Oct 14th, thousands people disappear off the face of the Earth with no clear reason. As the world adjusts, so does the small town of Mappleton, NJ. The book follows  Kevin Garvey, mayor of the town (he’s the police chief in the series), and his family, which has broken up since the Departure. I found it a fascinating read and though the ending was less than fulfilling (I always want more!), I hoped the series would give us the stories we didn’t get to hear.

I hoped since they filmed in NY, they would have a premiere here. And I was not disappointed! Somehow, by some miracle (and a great new twitter friend), I was able to acquire a ticket to said premiere! To say I was ecstatic is probably minimizing it.

So, last night, I attended along with a majority of the cast. The carpet was enclosed but a few of them did cross to sign and take photos: Christopher Eccleston, Damon Lindelof, Frank Harts, Ann Dowd, Charlie and Max Carver (who brought Holland Roden, she also crossed), and Annie Q. But then publicists started disallowing the talent to cross, despite many of them (seemingly) wanting to do so.

I went to my seat after everyone had gone in and they were streaming the carpet (sans audio) with a DJ mixing tunes.

The Leftovers Premiere New York atmosphere 3

Mr. Michael Lombardo, HBO President of programming said a few words and then introduced Damon Lindelof, the co-creator and showrunner, who then introduced the cast and the show. He also gave a lovely shoutout to his wife.

The episode was a great intro into the world of The Leftovers. We were introduced to many of the characters, even if only briefly. There were a few slight changes but I think they went well with what they’re trying to do with the show. I absolutely can’t wait for more!

The Leftovers Premiere New York atmosphere    1

By the end of the evening I was able to get almost the whole cast (except Justin Theroux who was getting hounded by press; his fiancé, Jennifer Aniston was with him, and Liv Tyler, I was distracted by Amy Brenneman when she came out) and Mr. Lindelof and Max Richter, the composer.

The Leftovers Premiere New York atmosphere    1

The Leftovers Premiere New York atmosphere    5

The Leftovers Premiere New York atmosphere    1

All in all, a wonderful evening!

Catch The Leftovers on HBO starting June 29th at 10PM, right after True Blood.

The Leftovers cast signed autograph poster rare promo The Leftovers cast signed autograph poster rare promo

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