True Romance! Billy Beer Checks Out The Cast Live Read And Meets Alabama Herself Patricia Arquette! Christian Slater! And More!

Who doesn’t love True Romance? It’s a cult classic and one of the funnest films of all time.

There was a live read this week in Los Angeles with two of the original stars Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater. How awesome is that?

Billy Beer headed down to watch the show and maybe meet the stars.

Check out his recap below!

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Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Barstool. Today we are off to see a script reading of one of the all time classics True Romance written by one of my favorite writer/directors Quentin Tarantino. Now for those of you who have never seen this 1993 classic that really got things started for Quentin, this movie was LOADED with actors and actresses who have gone on to make a name for themselves. The secondary cast included names like Dennis Hopper, Christopher Walken, Val Kilmer, Gary Oldman, James Gandolfini, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Rapaport and some guy named Brad Pitt who plays a stoner roommate. Just to fill those spots for a reading would be hard enough, but how in the word are you going to find anyone else to read the part of Clarence and Alabama? When you think of those two, you can only think of Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. So why not invite them to read their own parts, and that’s exactly what they did! As soon as I heard that, I had to buy a ticket immediately.

Let the show begin!


As usual, I race my way up The 5, to The 73, then to The 405, finishing on The 110 (there’s my Californias for you!) I meet up with Anthony, Ed, CJ and Goth in front of the theatre. We head inside and grab a drink while an Elvis Impersonator sings to people in the lobby. the theatre is beautiful! After a bit, we head down to our seats. The show is about to start. They announce all of the talent. Mae Whitman, Paul Sheer, Jason Seagal Jon Favreau, Keegan-Michael Key, Mark and Jay Duplass, JK Simmons and Kevin Pollak. Then they get to Christian and Patricia, out walks Patricia in full-on Alabama costume!!! Are you kidding me!!! Christian whore the glasses too, but Patricia went all out!

True Romance Live Read Patricia Arquette signing autographs fan photo 1

Some of the highlights were Patricia going all out Alabama on us (Christian more or less just read the part could have done a little more), Kevin’s Christopher Walken was spot on. The Duplas Brothers were great, and Keegan-Michael was hilarious as usual.

When it was all over, honestly I would have been happy just watch what I just witnessed, but it’s now time to see if I can make this night even better.

True Romance Live Read Patricia Arquette signing autographs fan photo 1

There’s about 20-25 people waiting outside the theatre. I notice Ace and Chris amongst the group. I found out that JK had already left. Dude just bolted after the show. After waiting a while, Paul Sheer is the first to leave. A few people ask for autographs, but I had nothing for him. Next out was Mark Duplass. I needed him on my league poster. From what I’ve heard, he’s been harder to get, but every time I’ve seen him, he’ll do at least one each. He gladly signs my picture and inscribes it like the other cast members had.

Mark Duplass signed the league poster

While he’s signing Jon pops out too. I have to run over and get one before he leaves the mob that had formed around him.

Jon Favreau signed autograph photo

If we act like crazies for Christian or Patricia, this is going to be a short night. We try to agree to stay in a line for him. It’s finally time to test that, cause Christian is the next to leave. I have to say, the line started off good, but as usual the people in the front of the line weren’t happy with the number they got, and started crowding the people who waited in line and hadn’t gotten one yet. then it just turned into a cluster-fuck in which Christian finally had to walk away from. I did get my one signed, but it was a lot of work!

Jay was next to leave, but I had nothing for him. Then it became a waiting game. As time went by, people kept saying nobody was left in the building only to be followed 10 minutes later by someone saying there was nobody left in the build. Still no Patricia, Mae, Jason or Keegan-Michael. As time went by, more and more people left. After learning a lesson at Star Wars, I was ready to stay the whole night if needed. After everyone had finally left except my little group, it was decided to check the hotel and the bar that was part of the theatre. Next thing I know, we start running. Patricia STILL in full Alabama gear is waiting for her car.

True Romance Live Read Patricia Arquette signing autographs fan photo 4

Now the funny thing is we all said we would drop whatever we wanted signed if we could only get a picture with her. Well, we almost did that. First we got our main things signed, THEN we all got pictures with Patricia. After the pictures Ace and Chris who I guess were driving by, literally stopped in the middle of the street, jumped out of the car, and got their stuff signed too.

True Romance Live Read Patricia Arquette signing autographs fan photo 4

Patricia Arquette signed boyhood mini poster

patricia arquette christian slater signed photo

Mae was still hanging around outside too. We walked over, and she was nice enough to take pictures and sign for us.

Mae whitman signed autograph photo

The night was finally done. Some of my detail in this write-up might be a little out of order cause I am still on cloud nine. How many times in your life are you ever going to get a picture of Patricia in full Alabama gear??? Till next time!

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