Throwback Thurs! Ali Larter Awesomeness! My Friend Annette (And My Old Headshot) Meets The Varsity Blues Star!

It’s Throwback Thurs!

It’s funny, I was going through some old photos and I saw this and laughed. It was a long time ago, but it’s still one of my favorite “Photo Ops” of all time.

One of my best-est friends of all time, Annette did me a favor oh so many years ago. I was out of town and Ali Larter was doing a talk show taping. Now, I was a huge fan of Heroes at the time and I’ve never met her. I also loved Ali from her work on Varsity Blues, it was one of my guilty pleasures… “I don’t want you’re life!”

I quote it to this day.

Anyway, I was out of town and since Annette was working really close I mentioned how I was missing Ali Larter and Annette was sweet enough to volunteer to go for me.

Afterwards, I got a message from Annette and a photo of Annette, Ali Larter and my old headshot. I died. It’s the cutest photo and I was excited. It was just so sweet.

Ali Larter Fan Photo Signing autographs Heroes star 2

Apparently, Ali Larter was very excited and super sweet about it and loved it when Annette pulled out my photo. Adorbs!

Check out the full photo below!

Ali Larter Fan Photo Signing autographs Heroes star 2

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