Throwback Thurs! Meeting Deadpool AKA Ryan Reynolds! The Superhero Star Was Very Nice As My Bag Exploded Right In Front Of Him! Doh!

Ryan Reynolds is certainly lighting up the box office as Deadpool these days and he has a new film coming out called Free Guy that looks really funny. I’ve been a fan for a long long time.

Back in 2007… OMG, 2007 yesh! I was lucky enough to meet Ryan Reynolds really briefly. It’s funny back then I was literally the only person there asking. He was super nice about stopping.

The funny thing is, I had him sign a Van Wilder DVD cover, which yes, I framed even, and as I was pulling out my pen my bad ripped and scores of different colored paint pens rolled out onto the driveway. Sigh. What to do right, I just shrugged as pens scattered all over the ground. Security was helping pick them up as I got a photo with Ryan.


Still he was nice about it, I expected him to do a wisecrack but he didn’t. That’s probably for the best.

Ryan Reynolds Fan Photo 2007 Selfie signing autographs 1

It was a fun moment to be sure, God bless the Canadians!

Until next time kids…

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