TV Heartbeat at Fan Expo Canada! Showcase channel brings Outlander! Lost Girl! Haven! Defiance! Props and autographs!

August ended with one of the largest fan conventions in North America – Fan Expo Canada! I love Toronto and have visited on and off all my life (lots of fun family up there) so I headed up for a visit to the ever-growing con. If you haven’t been, Fan Expo is worth a visit since there’s a lot of gaming, TV comics and more!

In the thick of all the chaos and fun? The Showcase channel which brought a handful of shows to meet the fans along with a wide array of props and the chance to star in a TV trailer! Non-Canadian readers may not be familiar with Showcase which is a Canadian channel that airs original shows (like Lost Girl and Continuum) and also acquired shows like Outlander and Beauty and the Beast.


Their sizable booth featured quite a few props including the lawkeeper car from Defiance.


A whole mess of things from Haven (love all the Duke ID’s!).

Fan Expo Showcase (2)

Fan Expo Showcase (13)

Fan Expo Showcase (14)

Fan Expo Showcase (10)

Fan Expo Showcase (11)

Fan Expo Showcase (12)

Beauty and the Best
(eww… on the skeleton!)

Fan Expo Showcase (9)

Fan Expo Showcase (8)

Lost Girl’s Geraldine and the Jack in the Box!

Fan Expo Showcase (6)

Fan Expo Showcase (7)

Fan Expo Showcase (17)

Personally I was most excited to see a few props from Outlander! (Me excited about Outlander? Shocking, I know!) Just in case anyone wants to make their own lanterns from the Samhain ritual scene, if you look really closely, you can make your own starting with liter bottles and cover them with dyed gauze or cheesecloth.

Fan Expo Showcase (3)



Fan Expo Showcase (5)

Fan Expo Showcase (4)

If that wasn’t enough fun, Showcase could actually insert you INTO a trailer! (Technology these days!) Guys would be inserted into the Dominion trailer while ladies would be inserted into Outlander!! Yes! I finally got to journey through the stones! If you need a good laugh, here’s my glorious Outlander debut which proves exactly why Caitriona Balfe is playing Claire! Lol!

You can also visit Showcase’s You Tube channel to see more of these trailers which are quite amusing! Showcase also handed out PocketJamies at a screening of the first two episodes of Outlander. Never fear, PocketJamie may just invade our next Outlander prize pack giveaway!

Fan Expo Showcase (1)

Showcase also hosted two panels: one for Lost Girl and another for stars from four different Showcase shows. Both panels including autograph sessions where the stars came out to meet the fans. At the Showcase signing, Anna Silk (Bo from Lost Girl), Kyra Zagorsky (Dr. Julia Walker from Helix), Lucas Bryant (Nathan from Haven) and Trenna Keating (Doc Yewil from Defiance) were all really friendly and happy to chat with fans.

Fan Expo Showcase (18)

Anna Silk from Lost Girl

Anna Silk from Lost Girl

Kyra Zagorsky from Helix

Kyra Zagorsky from Helix

Lucas Bryant from Haven

Lucas Bryant from Haven

Trenna Keating from Defiance

Trenna Keating from Defiance

Fan Expo Showcase (20)

Fan Expo Showcase (25)

So there was lots of fun with Showcase! Remember to watch Outlander on Sundays in Canada!

Fan Expo Showcase (15)

Stay tuned!

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