TV Heartbeat DVD Review! Bitten Final Season!

TV Heartbeat DVD Review! The final season of Bitten!

Bitten S3 Bloody Elena

To get your fix of werewolves, witches and more, grab a copy of Bitten’s final season on DVD starting July 19th.

Bitten is about Elena Michaels, a girl who is bitten and transformed into the world’s only werewolf. The first couple of seasons were about her adjustment to this new life and the battles to be one of the leaders of the Stonehaven pack of wolves.

Bitten S3 Bloody Elena

This final season is more about Elena’s family and the future of the pack in North America. There’s a big surprise for Elena and a couple of new badies fueled by a blood feud. Look for lots of big changes for the Stonehaven pack as it’s the end of an era in many ways. Syfy is basically evacuating anything paranormal from its schedule so there won’t be a lot of shows like this around for a while.

The Bitten season 3 DVD set includes all 10 unedited episodes and extra features including deleted scenes, extended scenes and a special featurette called “A Look at the Final Season.”

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