TV Heartbeat Review! Starz’s Ash vs Evil Dead is a perfect Trick and Treat for Halloween!

30 years and Ash Williams hasn’t changed. If you like your horror scary, funny and blood-spattered, then you can’t miss Ash vs. Evil Dead!

With the resurgence of horror on TV, it was only a matter of time before Evil Dead and Ash came to TVs everywhere. Extending off of Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2, the show doesn’t need you to be familiar with the movies to watch the show. (Army of Darkness is not a part of the story due to rights issues.)

The story begins with Ash Williams living life as usual: big cars, being God’s gift to women (as he believes it), a questionable work ethic and the accidental use of the Necronomicon (book of the dead). Whoops! Some things never change…

He starts to see Deadites and he knows that the time has come where he needs to grab the shotgun and chainsaw (and man-girdle and dentures — it’s been 30 years!). He accidentally drags in couple of co-workers, Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo), when they get scrambled into a fight with the Deadites.

Ash vs Evil Dead (4)

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of straight-up scary with FBI Agent Amanda Fisher (Jill Marie Jones) who investigates an old house and has her first encounter with the Deadites. She meets up with the mysterious Ruby (Lucy Lawless) who seems to know something about the Deadites as well. Hmmm….

Ash vs Evil Dead (1)

The premiere is in true Evil Dead style with Sam Raimi at the helm of the extended premiere episode. Expect to see Ash one-liners, high energy, lots of craziness and theatrical Deadite kills.

Evil Dead fans and those new to the franchise will love seeing this full-on return of horror/comedy about a not-very bright, but very confident guy. Pure fun, just in time for Halloween!

Starz has an Evil Dead marathon on Friday. The premiere of Ash vs. Evil Dead will be on Halloween night.

ash vs. evil dead key art poster 1

Stay tuned!

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