TV Heartbeat review! USA network’s first new comedy! Sirens debuts on March 6!

Sound the alarm! New show alert!

Sirens begins on March 6 and, no, it’s not the continuing adventures of Hugh Grant romping with models. Sirens is a new comedy from the USA network.

Sirens - Season 1

That’s right. USA is launching a half hour comedy. With the acquisition of Modern Family reruns, the USA network has been branching out from their traditional hour-long dramas and into comedy. To cement their new status in the land of comedy, USA is launching their first half hour comedy about EMTs.

Sirens - Season 1

EMTs may not be the most naturally funny workplace, but we’ve had comedies about doctors (Scrubs) and cops (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) so why not?

Sirens - Season 1

Adapted from a British show, Sirens is executive produced and written by Denis Leary. With Leary at the helm, Sirens has a darker, more adult humor than Scrubs or Brooklyn Nine-Nine — also thanks to being on cable.

So Sirens features a bunch of characters since characters are welcome on USA. The story focuses on three EMTs who work ride together for the fictional Eminent Ambulance Company in Chicago. The trio includes Johnny (Michael Mosley), a Chicago sports fanatic who is dealing with unresolved feelings for his ex-girlfriend/cop (Jessica McNamee) and his opinionated mom (Jean Smart).

Sirens - Season 1

Riding in the ambo with Johnny is his dead-pan, long-time best friend Hank (Kevin Daniels) and the eager, wet-behind-the-ears, idealist new recruit, Brian (Kevin Bigley).

Sirens - Season 1

Quirky and not a family show, the cast has some real chemistry especially when you throw in Bill Nunn as their wise boss with a thing for refrigerated Twix bars. The tricky part in any new comedy is finding that right tone. Sirens definitely has some funny moments and there is quite a bit of heart as Johnny works through some family issues (including the trauma of seeing his mom in yoga pants).

Sirens airs Thursdays on USA. If you’ve seen the preview episode (“Rachel McAdams topless”), note that it’s not the pilot so don’t miss Siren’s debut on Thursday!

Sirens - Season 1

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