TV Heartbeat! Thanksgiving Marathons! Singing Pirates! Grumpy Cat! Bravo Goes Scripted! Flash/Arrow Crossover!

In case you’re getting confused by all the new Peter Pan images floating out there, NBC has a special behind-the-scenes look at the live Peter Pan musical they are staging for next week. No, this one doesn’t star a bald Hugh Jackman. (That’s a movie coming out next year). NBC is staging a live musical broadcast of Peter Pan Live! a la last year’s runaway smash broadcast of The Sound of Music Live! with Carrie Underwood. Peter Pan Live! will star Allison Williams (Girls) as the title character with Christopher Walken as Hook. Yes, THAT Christopher Walken. And he will be dancing. A lot.

Peter Pan Live (1)

A long-time TV tradition on national holidays, we have a bunch of TV marathons! They is some odd programming this year as you can gather around the dinner table and turkey with the family while enjoying Syfy’s Helix. A good, but scary show about a strange virus that alters the human body (not good for appetite appeal). Alternatively, you can binge The Transporter TV series on TNT, Friends on TBS and Modern Family on USA.


If all that eating doesn’t put you into a food coma, you can also catch up with a handful of fan-favorite episodes of Orphan Black on BBC America for Orphan Black Friday. The mini-marathon starts at midnight and ends at the break of day. I guess this marathon is for the folks camping out for 6 am doorbusters or something.

Cosmina Orphan Black promo press still Ivan Schneeberg and David Fortier of Temple Street productions, producers of Orphan Black!

Grumpy Cat continues his quest for world domination with his first movie. Lifetime is giving the cat a Christmas movie titled Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. Voiced by Aubrey Plaza, Grumpy Cat is the cat that no one adopts at the mall pet store, until one little girl discovers she can hear the cat and takes her home for Christmas.


Bravo is stepping out with its first scripted show! That’s right! On Bravo! They selected Buffy the Vampire Slayer show runner Marti Noxon to helm Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. Lisa Edelston (House) stars as Abby McCarthy, a very successful writer of a series of self-help books called The Girlfriend’s Guide. Her seemingly perfect life takes a left turn when she separates from her husband and lets out the secret that her life isn’t quite so perfect. I’ll have a review of the show next week!

Girlfriend's Guide (1)

To cap off November sweeps, The CW has the final major crossover of the season and it’s a big one – The Flash and Arrow are doing a full, integrated story crossover for a two-night event called The Flash vs. Arrow next week.

Flash Arrow crossover

Tonight: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (ABC), Making of Peter Pan Live! (NBC)
Thursday: Helix season 1 marathon (Syfy), The Transporter: the Series marathon (TNT), Friends marathon (TBS), Modern Family marathon (USA), Fox’s Cause for Paws (Fox)
Friday: Orphan Black Friday marathon (BBC America), Kristen Chenowith: Coming Home (PBS)
Saturday: National Dog Show (NBC), Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever (Lifetime)
Sunday: Mentalist finale season premiere (CBS)
Tuesday: Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce debut (Bravo), Toy Story: The Toy That Time Forgot (ABC), The Flash/Arrow crossover on The Flash (The CW)
Wednesday: The Flash/Arrow crossover on Arrow (The CW)

Health check

RIP to The Queen Latifah Show and TBS’s Sullivan & Son. Yep, they are the latest casualties this season.

Other networks are keeping with the “let’s not outright say the show is cancelled before the holidays” theme, but, the new schedules for winter pretty much speaks volumes on the prognosis anyway…

  • Constantine is getting a “stop order” so the show won’t go past 15 episodes. This will likely be the last we’ll see of this Hellblazer adaption, unless we get a Christmas miracle and it jumps to Syfy or something. (Not very likely though).
  • Red Band Society is on its last legs. While most shows are going into re-runs in December, Fox is burning off the rest of the show’s episodes so this is likely the last run for a show that deserved a bigger audience.

Red Band Society (2)

Members Only is out of here. Never heard of it? That’s because it never aired! Last May the networks announced a bunch of shows that would air in the winter and suddenly a few have gone missing. Cancelled before they even aired! Doh! Say “farewell, we hardly knew you” to these shows:

  • ABC’s Members Only starring John Stamos
  • Fox’s M. Night Shyamalan’s Wayward Pines, which sounded very Twin Peaks-ish is also MIA despite a rather starry cast including Melissa Leo, Matt Dillon, Carla Gugino, Terrance Howard and Juliette Lewis.
  • Also missing? Fox’s animated comedy Bordertown
  • Fox also omitted Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?
  • NBC broke with the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but Netflix snatched up the show AND renewed it for a second season. The reason may have something to do with it being produced by Tiny fey…

wayward pines autograph signing SDCC matt dillon carla gugino 3

But it’s not all bad news out there!

  • As Mike previously reported, Netflix confirmed that the next 10 episode season of Longmire will be on Netflix!
  • Selfie, the cancelled ABC show, will air the rest of its episodes on Hulu.
  • Lastly, the Friday family comedy Cristela got a full season order from ABC.


Have a terrific Thanksgiving everyone! May your travel be easy, your shopping be successful and your calories not count this weekend!

Stay tuned!

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