(ended) n a copy of Walt Disney’s Tangled on Blu-Ray with a Special promo present!

I just got word that the fine folks over at Walt Disney Pictures are throwing all the Mike the Fanboy readers a bone! In anticipation of the DVD release of the Walt Disney Classic or new Walt Disney Classic to be more specific, Disney is giving away a copy of Tangled on Blu Ray to one lucky reader.. But Wait! There’s more!

You will also get a special promo prize! Will it be a Pascal Beanie Baby? A Flynn Ryder T-Shirt? An official Disney Paper Lantern? Who knows!

And a second reader will also get a copy on regular DVD! That’s right two chances to win!

How you many ask?

Simple. Follow Mike the Fanboy on Twitter, and tweet me your favorite Disney Princess! Simple right? RIGHT!

The winner will be chosen at random!

Good luck kids!
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