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3 of 5 books

3 out of 5 books!

It’s here!  It’s here!  Armie and Merissa’s story is here!  Huzzah 😀

If you’ve read all The Ultimate Series then I’m pretty sure you have been anticipating this book as much as I have.   I mean it’s been 4 books in the making so that’s quite a wait, but here we are!

So to recap:  Merissa is the sister of Cannon (who we met in the Love Undercover series until he got to kick off The Ultimate Series 😉 ) who is Armie’s best friend.   Armie and Cannon have been friends since their youths in the tough neighborhoods they grew up in, so Armie has known Merissa just as long.   And pretty much lusted after her for quite some time, too.   Of course Armie is a complete hedonist and thinks he’s never going to be good enough for any woman, let alone Merissa.  Merissa thinks differently but is having a hard time convincing Armie until that kiss.   Which brings us to this book…


So why not a 4 or 5?  It’s not so much that it wasn’t everything I’d hoped for with these two finally getting together so much as it was the “let’s throw every trope in” writing that was a little disappointing.   I mean:

  1. Armie is from an pretty screwed up home life – his dad is a real schmuck – so therefore he never feels he’s ‘good enough’
  2. Merissa’s life is endangered which is why Armie finally starts to relent and get closer to her
  3. The inevitable – ‘you’re in danger and it’s my fault so you have to stay away from me’ b.s.
  4. Surprise pregnancy

And my personal fave (said with much sarcasm)

5.  Oh, you’re hurt/in hospital/almost died so NOW I can finally fess up to my feelings for you.

And then we come to the HEA.

That being said there are some great moments:

  1. Merissa! The last two gals were sort of wussy so Merissa was a WONDERFUL change of pace.   She’s not stupidly independent – when she senses she’s in danger she heads for help – nor is she annoyingly naïve.  I’ve liked her in the past books but this just solidified her as my favorite in the whole series.
  2. The ladies at the Adult Shop was kind of a fun scene but also a little disappointing b/c why shouldn’t they be able to look at that stuff with their heads held high?  I’d have barged in there and owned that place 😛
  3. The guys from The Fighter Series (Foster’s first MMA books) showing up to train Armie. I mean having all of them coming together is really special.  And I love how Jude is all about helping Armie beat the false accusations against him.  You know because Jude’s been there/done that.
  4. The introduction of Bray and how well Armie can relate to him and help him. (Future book hero maybe????)
  5. Leese! Mostly because we all know now he’ll be the character starting a new series and I think the first book for that comes out in December 2016.  This will be about hot bodyguards.  YUM! 😀

The book is filled with Foster’s usual charm and small town heroes/heroines trying to make their little part of the world a better place.

I’d definitely recommend it.

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*Thanks to Harlequin Romance and Netgalley for the review copy!

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