Adam Sandler Madness! 25 Collectors Hang Out In A Stinky Alley For The Happy Gilmore Star! Autographs! And More!

Weekends are made for fun and frolic… And meeting celebrities and standing in dark alleyways that smell like dead rats, or perhaps Billy Beer’s feet. Either way it was pretty rank.

Scotty was hanging out for a bit and Billy and I joined him, so I can’t really blame him for the smell. I think half of Hollywood was out tonight, and why? For Adam Sandler. He was doing a benefit concert and we decided to wait outside and see if Adam Sandler would deb nice enough to sign some autographs.

I didn’t think there would be 25 people. But what can you do right?

We waited and waited. Now, Adam Sandler has been pretty nice lately, so hopefully he will continue that streak.

After a little while Adam indeed came out and said, “Really fast guys, I have to get home to my kids.”

I had a Zohan poster and a Big Daddy poster as well.

Adam Sandler signed up a storm, he signed for everyone there including my two posters.

The autographs are not the best he’s done, but still they are signed.

Until next time kids…

Adam Sandler Signed Autograph Don't Mess With The Zohan poster PSA

Adam Sandler Signed Autograph Big Daddy poster PSA

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